Sunday, February 24, 2008

Today's The DAY!

My doctor told me to call the hospital at 6 am so I did (not expecting they'd have room for me or push me off until this afternoon sometime). The nurse who answered said, (in a cheery voice) "Oh! Yes! You can come in between 7 and 7:30!".



Now I'm freaking out. Is this the right thing to do? Well, last night I went to bed a normal time. I was quite relaxed and not nervous at all. I had this dream:

Me and the kids and a bunch of women were at my mom and dad's house (which is built into the side of a hill with a deep ravine alongside around 50 yards away that leads to a river about 2 miles away). We were in the back yard when we heard there was huge flood headed our way. All of the sudden, there were hundreds of women and children headed in our direction because we were the highest point in town and everyone needed to get to higher ground. I climbed up into a tree and had Mom hand me Niklaus and Mari and I wanted to hold them to make sure they'd be safe. There were a bunch of other people (women and children) in the tree and it started to sway so we headed to the roof of my parent's house. I grabbed a ladder and directed people to where they should go, knowing that we wouldn't all fit on the roof and that some people would be lost as the water was rising so quickly and it was starting to rain. I grabbed Niklaus and Mari again even though they were being stubborn and wanted to go someplace else. I also grabbed an old, rubber mattress to hide under because we were getting wet. I felt like the water was going to reach us soon but that we'd be okay even if others wouldn't be.

What do you think this means? I also had a "side dream" about our old church and how we started to celebrate the Mass in Latin and a man stormed into church and started causing a ruckus. I told everyone to move away and stood in front of him and tried to calm him down but he waved a gun around and I wasn't even scared. My priest tore off his vestments, said "That's enough!" and he was wearing a cop uniform underneath. He stormed out, passed the dangerous guy, but only because he'd heard that there was a van outside that looked "threatening". I just stayed there, trying to convince the guy to leave knowing that he was going to shoot me. I grabbed his gun and with super-powers, pulled it away from him. Then I woke up.

I also woke up about 10 times in pure pain. I can't turn over in bed anymore without crying so my hands, legs, and parts of my face fall asleep or lose circulation. Watching me try to get out of bed is a joke! So, I guess I'm headed to the hospital and I'm not even freaking out anymore. I think your prayers must really be working because I'm so relaxed about the whole thing. I kind of feel a little like, "Eh, no big deal...let's see, gotta get the kids dressed, pack my bag, do the dishes, fold the laundry, have a baby, take a bath, put lotion on my feet..." Heehee!

We'll let you know how everything "comes out"!