Friday, February 29, 2008

How To: First Sink Bath (Starring: Thomas The Super Baby)

The outside wrapping must first be removed (this is a sleep sac thing that Trina The Big Sister bought at the hospital gift shop. They use these instead of those receiving blankets now...they are WONDERFUL!). So, take note of cuteness then move on to the next step:

Do not be distracted by the contented cuteness of the second layer, this baby is not going to be happy for much longer and feeding time comes sooner than you think. Take time for oooohs and aaaaahs then procede to next step:

See? I warned you that this could get ugly! Just turn away if you're offended and go to the next step...quickly!:

(Aw, even when he's looking like this, he's cute!) step! He's not getting any less stinky here people!:

"AHHHHHHHHHhhhhhhhh, now THAT'S What I'm talking about! Hmmmm, where are the bubbles? Oh well, I guess I'll just make my own!":

"I am putty in your hands, Dear Mother!"

"You missed a spot...right here...I think it might be milk mustache."

"Hmmm, what is this yummy thing called 'washcloth'? It tastes divine!"

"Uh oh, I have a feeling the party's over!"

"THiiiiis iiis no-o-o-t wa-a-a-arm anymo-r-r-r-e!"


"Okay, okay, I CAN do this. I CAN do this." Spread a little Burt's Bees lotion on the wiggly baby to calm him down and make him smell nice:

Don't forget the funny, daddy shaped toes!:

"Curses! Here we go again with the fussin'! What did I tell you about fussin'?!"

"Hey, I'm getting pretty good at this 'getting dressed' thing! Maybe it's not so bad, after all?":

Pause slightly to take note of the really long, chimpanzee-like fingers (where did those things come from?):

"In retrospect, and after much deliberation, I'm thinking that this bath thing doesn't deserve such a bad rap. I may not even fuss for the next one!"

"But, maybe...I WILL!"

("Heh heh, I like to keep Mom on her toes!")

Butch: The Man, The Legend

I know that Butch is just so much more than a "father of 6 kids". I'm sure he's plenty proud of that title but I know that he's so much more than that. He's a good friend, a reliable neighbor, an honest and loyal worker, the best husband for Laura, a loving son, and an all-around great guy.

He turned 37 yesterday, all alone in another town (he'll be home early this afternoon, don't worry) and he's been having a lot of time to reflect on matters in his life and he has a lot of concern about our future. The best gift I can give him, at this point, is prayer (will you join me?). I pray for the blessings of God in his life. I pray that he will truly have the gift of discernment when it comes to his family. There has been a lot of upheaval in his life this past year and I pray for him to have peace with his guided decisions and the results of his decision making!

I love that guy, no matter how old and crotchety he gets. He is so funny and loving.
And...he's the father of SIX!

Thursday, February 28, 2008

Birthday Number 2

I will post soon about Thomas but I have to post about Mari (belatedly).

We celebrated Mari's Birthday on the night I got home from the hospital with Thomas. It's so weird to think that exactly 2 years ago I was in the hospital with Mari! Her's was a MUCH less difficult birth, but both resulted in cute, slightly yellow, overbite stricken kids (two Simpsons in a row?). I keep calling Thomas "Mari". In the middle of the night especially! It's only been about 7 months since I nursed Mari, so I guess that's not very surprising. I am so tired, I can't do her birthday justice. Suffice it to say, she is VERY happy with her dollies and accessories she got from Auntie Nina and Grandma. We will have the family over this weekend sometime to do the birthdays up properly and introduce Thomas to the rest of the cousins. Here are some pictures from Tuesday night:

Tonight I'll post a special one for Butch, who's birthday is today!

Sunday, February 24, 2008

Thomas Harold has arrived-safe and sound (and cute, duh)

*update: Laura is feeling great, Thomas is eating very well and the other kids are all going to meet their new brother today (new pic below)

Fertlmertl here (though arguably the crazymama deserves this moniker much more so than me).

I have been instructed to give the stats here. Laura was once again amazing, she'll tell you there were some tough times (read: anesthesiologist not arriving anywhere near a reasonable hour) but she battled through it and in the end, the actual birth was a beautiful thing. The magic man finally came with the right prescription so that Baby Thomas could much more peacefully get ready to be born.

Little Tommy was born sunny side up, his mouth wide open ready to give us a good cry. He looked like he had just had a bath, he was perfectly perfect. Well, except for that funny big toe that he gets from his daddy. His is in perfect health and he was born surrounded by tons of people who love him. To my mind he looks like a combination of Bocker and Mari. Laura just called from the hospital and Thomas is eating and doing well. Laura said she feels great, maybe even better than after any of the other births but she is, of course, tired. I'll let her tell the rest, but I know you folks and just a few numbers wasn't going to satisfy anyone.

Here are the stats:
Weight: 9 lbs. 4 oz.
Length: 22.5 inches
Time: I think it was around 5:15p.m. this evening
Date: Today! Feb. 24th, our parents' 40th wedding anniversary (the 18th grandchild isn't too shabby a gift eh?)
First one to hold him: Big Sister Weazy; Big Sister Trina was the videographer

I'm sure Laura would want to thank you for all of your prayers and support. She should be home soon and back to giving you up to the minute accounts of poopy diapers and bockerisms and other misadventures.

This is Fertlmertl signing out. Goodnight. A very good night, indeed.

Today's The DAY!

My doctor told me to call the hospital at 6 am so I did (not expecting they'd have room for me or push me off until this afternoon sometime). The nurse who answered said, (in a cheery voice) "Oh! Yes! You can come in between 7 and 7:30!".



Now I'm freaking out. Is this the right thing to do? Well, last night I went to bed a normal time. I was quite relaxed and not nervous at all. I had this dream:

Me and the kids and a bunch of women were at my mom and dad's house (which is built into the side of a hill with a deep ravine alongside around 50 yards away that leads to a river about 2 miles away). We were in the back yard when we heard there was huge flood headed our way. All of the sudden, there were hundreds of women and children headed in our direction because we were the highest point in town and everyone needed to get to higher ground. I climbed up into a tree and had Mom hand me Niklaus and Mari and I wanted to hold them to make sure they'd be safe. There were a bunch of other people (women and children) in the tree and it started to sway so we headed to the roof of my parent's house. I grabbed a ladder and directed people to where they should go, knowing that we wouldn't all fit on the roof and that some people would be lost as the water was rising so quickly and it was starting to rain. I grabbed Niklaus and Mari again even though they were being stubborn and wanted to go someplace else. I also grabbed an old, rubber mattress to hide under because we were getting wet. I felt like the water was going to reach us soon but that we'd be okay even if others wouldn't be.

What do you think this means? I also had a "side dream" about our old church and how we started to celebrate the Mass in Latin and a man stormed into church and started causing a ruckus. I told everyone to move away and stood in front of him and tried to calm him down but he waved a gun around and I wasn't even scared. My priest tore off his vestments, said "That's enough!" and he was wearing a cop uniform underneath. He stormed out, passed the dangerous guy, but only because he'd heard that there was a van outside that looked "threatening". I just stayed there, trying to convince the guy to leave knowing that he was going to shoot me. I grabbed his gun and with super-powers, pulled it away from him. Then I woke up.

I also woke up about 10 times in pure pain. I can't turn over in bed anymore without crying so my hands, legs, and parts of my face fall asleep or lose circulation. Watching me try to get out of bed is a joke! So, I guess I'm headed to the hospital and I'm not even freaking out anymore. I think your prayers must really be working because I'm so relaxed about the whole thing. I kind of feel a little like, "Eh, no big deal...let's see, gotta get the kids dressed, pack my bag, do the dishes, fold the laundry, have a baby, take a bath, put lotion on my feet..." Heehee!

We'll let you know how everything "comes out"!

Friday, February 22, 2008

Niktastic Bockerisms (Continued)

...another naptime conversation...

Me: Hey, Niklaus, when Thomas comes, he will be right here (pointing to the space between us near where he will be feeding at naptime) instead of down here (pointing to my belly) and then I'll have to flip over and feed him on the other side and you can snuggle my back (he thinks I NEED him to take a nap. He's proud of the roll of "official snuggler" for me at naptime).

N: I know, I know, now, let me snuggle you already!

Me:I'm sorry I got mad that you didn't eat your lunch, Niklaus.

N: That's okay (his goofy face just 2 inches away from mine).

Me: It's just that I need you to be strong and healthy so you have to eat when I say.

N: When Thomas comes, I will be your little boy, right?

Me: ?

Me: Of course, you'll ALWAYS be my little boy, so will Matty, so will Thomas...

N: But you said that you didn't want me to grow. You said that you wanted me to be little forever and that I should stop growing "right now"!

Me: (aha!) Oh, Niklaus, that's not really the truth! I just joke with you when I say to "STOP IT RIGHT NOW! STOP GROWING SO BIG! I'M GOING TO PRESS ON YOUR HEAD SO YOU STAY LITTLE FOREVER!"! I really want you to grow big and strong, just like Daddy!

N: (knowing that already so he's laughing at how smart he was to try to get out of eating stuff he doesn't want to) I know, I know!

Me: You little stinker!

N: Hey, Mom? You want a drink of water or sompthin'? You can have one of my candy hearts too! (hands me a candy heart).

Me: Thanks, Niklaus.

N: (sniffs my face) Hey, Mom? Can I smell your breath with the candy in there?

Me: Sure (opening my mouth and breathing right in his face...which is still 2 inches from mine).
Well? Doesn't it smell nice?

N: Kinda. It smells like minty and stink.
Can we just stop talking and go to sleep now?

An Announcement

So, here's the dealio:

I've decided to take matters into my own hands. I won't risk going into labor in the middle of next week with Butch being out of town and unpredictable timing for care for the kids. I have a lung thing (from this UR Flu thingy that everyone in MN has...even the ones that got the wonderful, miracle flu shot...uh huh) that will make it harder to "BREATHE, BREATHE, BREATHE!!!!". Ugh.

I'm supposed to call the hospital at 6am on Sunday morning to see if they have "space" for me (hey, no jokes about my size, now!) because apparently, the hospitals in the St.Paul area are all full of birthin' people right now. So, I'm getting induced on my due date...Which is also my parent's 40th anniversary! That will make it an easy to remember birthday/anniversary for everyone in the family.

My sibs and their spouses are all going with my parents to a nice, German restaurant tomorrow night (to celebrate the anniversary) but I don't know if I'll go or not. The thought of eating that food (or even seeing/smelling it) kind of gives me heartburn. If I don't really have any contractions, and we can find someone to be with the kids, I might go. The thing is, it's in the opposite direction of the hospital and I REALLY don't like driving in the car with contractions, and we're already going to rely on other people to watch the kids in the next, few days.

Logistics. On the one hand, it's a good thing that he decided to stay in there until the end (so I know he'll be fully baked). On the OTHER hand, I'm still a little anxious about his size. All in all, I guess God knows what he's doing by making me wait until the last dog is hung because now, I'm to the point where I'm saying that the fear of the birth isn't as great as the discomfort of still being pregnant.

I know I've been a smart-a for the last several posts, but I really do love and welcome all of your prayers and well-wishes!

When I had Mari two years ago, I really could feel all of your prayers helping me through delivery. I know I put on a tough front, but I'm a huge wimp who doesn't like labor (any part of it) and I need all the help I can get. I humbly request your prayers for strength and bravery. Also, if I am to have lots of pain, that I can focus enough to use the suffering for the poor souls in purgatory and not be so self-centered in those moments.

Thank you.

Thursday, February 21, 2008

Stinkin' Meme Number Umpteen

So, I guess Mr. Bill wants me to tell you some dumb stuff about myself. FOINE. I'll do it and I'll pretend to like it even...but ONLY because it's almost midnight and I woke up from this stupit head cold that I am convinced is keeping me from going into labor:

Here be da rools:
1) Link to the person that tagged you.
(2) Post the rules on your blog.
(3) Share six non-important things/habits/quirks about yourself.
(4) Tag six random people at the end of your post by linking to their blogs.
(5) Let each random person know they have been tagged by leaving a comment on their website.

1. I look stupid in slacks. I just can't wear them ever.
2. My fourth toe looks like a cobra and most of my kids have inherited this trait.
3. I've always wished I knew how to clog.
4. I have an urge to crazily jump on the bed of every hotel I've ever been in (and HAVE on some occasions).
5. My stomach is now 49 and a half inches around at the biggest part. If I'm standing up and Mari is standing under my belly, I can't see her at all.
6. If I were on a deserted island, I would still need some mascara. Me without mascara is such a scary thing. I'd be afraid that any rescuing ships would turn around in fear of the crazy looking lady waving them down on the beach without it.
7. I like to break meme rules and so I am posting SEVEN things about me...seeeeee? Plus, I'm not going to tag anyone else so there, ttthhhhhppppttttt!

Another Day That I HAVEN'T Given Birth

Iiiiiiit's Thurrrrrrrrsdayyyyyyyy.
I haven't had the baaaaaaaaaabyyyyyyyyyyyy.
Nannynannyboooooobooooooo, Matt.

'Cept this joke's on me, I guess. Dang.

Wednesday, February 20, 2008

How Do I Get In Shape After The Baby Comes?

Look what I just signed up for today! Lofty enough goal?

Here is my crazy plan.

Don't worry, I only signed up for the half!

Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Hmmm, What's Been On My Mind Today?

This. That is all, thank you for your attention in the matter. And yes, I AM losing my mind. I had a dream at naptime that I had a HUGE contraction and my water broke so it was time to go to the hospital!

Then I woke up.

Butch has tomorrow off due to the extreme cold. Can't the baby tell that tonight would be PERFECT timing? Just like all my other children today...Thomas just won't listen.

Dress Up

No baby news. I can tell you ONE thing: "winging it" stinks. I like a nice, planned out delivery, thank you very much. I'm NOT patient enough for this business, I tell you.

I said on Saturday that I think Tues. will be the day. Now, I'm stretching it to Thursday (Matt says Wed.). I don't even care, at this point if he's right or not! I could go for another two weeks, for pete's sake! AHHHHHHHHHCK!

Here's a pretty picture of Analise, Mariela, and Gabriella (for a break from baby talk)!

Saturday, February 16, 2008


I couldn't sleep at all last night. The heartburn was so bad. Today I threw up for no reason at all. I can barely walk from the pain in my hips and pelvis. I don't feel like eating, but I'm not really sick. I keep having contractions but they don't feel like they're "doing" anything. Right after I have a contraction, the baby moves around and does a jig which hurts like crazy! I predict, with all of these symptoms, that I will deliver on Tuesday...which puts me RIGHT WHEN MY SASSYSMARTYPANTS BROTHER-IN-LAW SAID I WOULD (he predicted, after looking me over at the party last Sat. night, "ten more days!"). Dang, I almost feel like holding the baby in there longer (self imposed bed rest?) just so he won't be right.

It would just be wrong if he was right.
If he's right, he should quit the construction business and go into the birthin' business.
Maybe he could be a midwife or a doula or something.

Thursday, February 14, 2008

Happy St. Valentine's Day!

Niklaus and I are in bed this afternoon for a nap. Niklaus asks, "Mom, can I talk to Thomas?"

Me: Yes, of course.
N: Okay, but I need you to move your shirt.

Me: Okay, but talk very gently. I think he's trying to take a nap too.
N: (whisper-talks and cups his hand so I don't hear his private, brother chat) Hey, Thomas, when it's time for you to come out, there's this really big, special hole that you gotta go in (I've been reading the book Angel in the Waters to him but I don't remember saying anything about a "hole". I've been letting them watch just a few episodes of A Baby Story with me in the mornings to get the idea of the hospital and what happens to get the baby out of there. It was really funny that he thought I couldn't hear him!) and don't be scared. You gotta go there and then, when you come out, I'll be there to hold you...okay?

Me: be sure to tell him to "go toward the light"!
N: (puts his face back on my belly) Okay, you gotta go where it's light, Mommy said...Hey, Mom? What if he's too scared to come out or something? What if he changes his mind? I think he should just stay in there for a while. I don't think he wants to come out yet!

Me: Well, he may just decide that it's nice and comfy in there and he'll want to stay! But, we should try to get him to come out so we can snuggle him and love him...don't you think?
N: Yeah! (pats my tummy and nods his head) Ya hear that, Tommy? (kisses my belly) Have a good rest, Thomas. Don't kick Mommy any more right now, okay? She wants to rest too!


Who could forget these classic lines?

The Dead Body That Claims It Isn't: I'm not dead.
The Dead Collector: 'Ere, he says he's not dead.
Large Man with Dead Body: Yes he is.
The Dead Body That Claims It Isn't: I'm not.
The Dead Collector: He isn't.
Large Man with Dead Body: Well, he will be soon, he's very ill.
The Dead Body That Claims It Isn't: I'm getting better.
Large Man with Dead Body: No you're not, you'll be stone dead in a moment.
The Dead Collector: Well, I can't take him like that. It's against regulations.
The Dead Body That Claims It Isn't: I don't want to go on the cart.
Large Man with Dead Body: Oh, don't be such a baby.
The Dead Collector: I can't take him.
The Dead Body That Claims It Isn't: I feel fine!

Heehee, just seeing it in print brings the scene to my eyes and makes me giggle.
The reason I was so inspired to post these goofy movie lines is this:

I went to the doctor today and, so far, no progress. So, since I have a little over a week left, that's not really a surprise or a disappointment.
Having contractions over the last few days (STRONG ones, but not very regular) has got me thinking. What if I had a 12 pound baby? What if I couldn't deliver and I had some sort of aneurysm and was left "brain dead"? That got me searching for stories of miraculous recoveries from supposed "brain death".

My English pal, Antonia (her blog is private so no link, she's studying to be a doctor) just posted about an organ donation she was involved in from a woman who was declared "brain-stem dead" (which, I learned, is the legal term and qualifying description for what is necessary for some organ donation in England). I read a whole bunch of articles about that and some good stories of recovery from brain injury (there have been some amazing ones of people given a sleeping pill that has made them temporarily "wake up" from PVS). Also, today I noticed a post at the Catholic Trenches about this very same thing! There is just so much about the brain that we don't know!

So, since I don't have enough money for a lawyer to write up the papers...this is my formal, public statement on the matter (even though my hubs already knows how I feel about this...not that that matters these days...think "Terri Schiavo").

If I, Laura the Crazy Mama, get in some sort of accident or have some form of brain damage...even "brain-stem death" and/or I am considered by doctors to be in a PVS of some sort/any sort, I wish to be kept alive artificially. I wish my body to be treated as if I can see and hear everything around me. I wish to go to physical therapy every day so, if someday I wake up, I can actually use my body in some way and it will not be "wasted away". I wish to be a horrible burden on everyone in my family and all of my friends for as long as it takes for me to "wake up"...even if that never happens. I wish to be treated with kindness and compassion and I wish to receive Holy Communion at least once a week. I DON'T wish anyone to "pray over" me or in some way "call down the Holy Spirit" to "heal" me, except a priest!

There, now you know.
Ahhh, I feel much better.

*Oooooo, I forgot one, very important thing...I am always to be fully made-up and my hair to be colored (should I go gray) and styled in a modern style that I would like (to be decided by my sisters and no one else).

Also, Megan, if it trips your have my full permission to bring me to the beach and build a sand castle on me. The only thing I'd be picky about is that I wear some sort of cover-up over my swimsuit (no bikinis, please). I would prefer some sort of colorful, sarong style (don't forget the "Bernie" sunglasses). Thank you.

Kelly, it's true! I feel my mortality every time I'm about to have a new baby! I also have one other, funny, psycho thing: In the hospital, right after they break my water and I know I'm past the point of no return...I want to "run away". I'm sure that if someone would suggest a quick bus ride out of there at that very moment, I would take it in a heartbeat! It's the "fight or flight" thingy, I think...and I opt for flight at that time! It's so overpowering and unreasonable but it's there EVERY TIME! That's too weird, isn't it?

Do any of you people have these feelings during delivery?
I was wondering too, if any of you feel like screaming every time someone says the word "push"? I ordered everyone in the room to specifically NOT say that word when Mari was born. I think I'll do it this time too. Maybe I could think of another word that isn't so annoying?

And how about that big, honkin' mirror that they're always suggesting you use to "see your baby be born!". I say NO WAY, JOSE! I love watching other people deliver, but I'd rather stay in my "happy place, far, far away" than "embrace what's happening here and now...cherish these moments forever". NO! I don't LIKE giving birth. It hurts, for pete's sake! It's messy and not nice and it's really, really tiring and gross. BUT, it's the only way I can do it, so I do it (lots of times, apparently) and try to find the good in all of it:

Hmmmm, I get lots of baths?
I get a few days off of cooking and cleaning?
I get a chubby, cute little baby out of the deal?

OH YeeeeeeEAH! THAT'S why I do that crazy thing!

Sunday, February 10, 2008

They Got Me! (Now With Pictures of the Fat Lady!)

There's no faking here. I was completely in shock!

Here I am "practicing" with Serviam!'s baby (his wonderful wife was there to surprise me). What a dolly! I hope he didn't get sick from being out in the super cold, but it was so lovely to be able to hold him!

My sister, Anna made me a "diaper cake". It was hilarious! It was such a cute idea and very useful (can one ever have "too many diapers"?)!

Here I am with one of three of my old, school chums (we all went to parish school together all the way through high school!)that were at the party. Megan is a doll for taking all of these pictures and all of them are so wonderful to have come. I'm all verklempt even thinking about it!

Trine called me last week to organize that "one more girl's night" before I had the baby...little did I know that she had broken into my email account and sent e-invites to a bunch of my good buddies for this:

"SHHHHHHHH!! It's a Surprise! We are having a party to pamper Laura AND the baby. Baby Thomas is due to arrive within a few weeks. Please come and help us give Laura some special attention. It is hard to believe that although this is her 6th baby, Laura has never had a baby shower, or rather, her sisters have never given her one! So, to make up for it, we'd like you to help us give her the special treatment for one night before the baby arrives. Ideas of things for Laura would be anything personal: slippers, massages, girly things, you know--things to pamper her. And as for little Thomas, since Laura works at a children's clothing store, well, all he needs is ....Pampers! (or Huggies :) ) Please don't disclose this to Laura. She does not want to be the center of attention but I think she deserves to be. Please call Katrina if you have any questions or issues with directions"

You should have seen my face (I did, because Megan chronicled it all with her camera!) when I walked into Trine's house and all of those faces were there when I was only expecting 3! Trine and Anna had really gone all out (I'll post pictures later) and had a nice spread and even cool decorations and a cute bottle of Barefoot champagne with a blue footprint on the bottle! Oh my gosh, it was shocking! I don't deserve such wonderful, generous friends. I really don't. My friend, Jan was there and gave me a pedicure at the end of the party (many had to leave early because of children and the EXTREME COLD (Dangerous wind chills as low as -40F)! I felt like I was in some kind of dreamworld or someone else's life for a while there. I got so many, wonderful gifts! It's going to take me all day tomorrow to put them all in their places (LOT'S of bath products...YEAH, BABY!). I got a ton of diapers (sizes N-4!) and some baby clothes, pampering products, you know...stuff ladies get at BABY SHOWERS! What a hoot! I thought about it and I remembered that my work at the time I had Katrina (13 years ago!) always wanted an excuse to have parties in the boardroom. I was so embarrassed that they had a shower for me that I told my mom at the time that I did NOT WANT a baby shower for either side of the family (even though it was the first grandchild/great grandchild for my mom's side). People were so generous at that time anyway so I didn't want to oblige them only one year after my wedding showers. I guess my sisters and mom remember better than me that I never had a baby shower! I joked tonight, "Gee, every sixth kid I get a shower, huh? Good deal, I get another one in about 10 years or so then!" Hahahahaha!

I'm still quite stunned! It's almost 12:30am and I'm in shock. I'll post more later and some cool pictures of me in all my surprised fatness!

P.S. Butch got a flat tire on his way home around 5pm tonight from getting our taxes done (it was a nail, he was able to flop into a fixit shop and it was an easy fix). When he got home, his friend Tony was waiting for him in the garage. He visited for a while and went to pick up his daughter and, whaddya know? He had a flat in our driveway! My bro-in-law came over here to hide the kids for the party so he drove Tony home and on his way...HE got a flat (I still don't know how they resolved that one)! There's something WEIRD going on! I found out later that Tony actually had TWO flat tires (his car is still in the one was fixing any tires on a night like tonight! I think they tried but it was futile. I wonder if the extreme cold had anything to do with it? Some kind of tire virus going around?

Good night!

Saturday, February 09, 2008

The Countdown Begins! *Plus, a Little Contest


Alrighty, here's the scoop. I am dilated to 2 and 50% effaced as of Thursday. I have not really, ever been "checked" two weeks before my due date (didn't like to get things "started" before their time before), so I don't know how long I've been dilated like that before I actually go into labor. I have been at a 2 at least one week before natural labor. I asked the doctor to check me this time because Butch has been working a little farther away from home and I want to make sure he could make it to the hospital on time! She checked me the week before and the baby was high and I had no labor signs (so I came pretty far in one week, considering I haven't noticed any increase in contractions or "other stuff" ifyouknowwhatImean).

I've always been on time (exactly on my due-date for Niklaus!) or a couple of days late. All of my due dates have been predicted by early ultrasound and this one is no different.

I thought I'd have a couple more weeks until I had that "I'm DONE" feeling, but tonight (today?) I woke up at 3 am and my hips hurt so bad from flopping back and forth in bed that I'm getting that feeling NOW, plus I'm losing my appetite. I think I'm just getting a little impatient, even though part of me would like to keep him in there as long as possible because, let's face it...they are a LOT easier to take care of on the INSIDE sometimes (especially in the winter with all of the bundling, illness that's going around, and worry about bad roads on the way to the doctor/visiting/store/etc.!).

My babyguru brother-in-law will see me tonight (last girl's night out before I explode...I mean, have the baby. I get a PEDICURE from my sis! YAY!) and give me HIS prediction.

*Would YOU care to make a guess?
Here are the stats from the previous pregnancies:

Katrina:8lbs born 2 days after due date naturally

Matthew:9lbs6oz (he was breach and I went for cesarean but he turned at the last minute so was born naturally with minimal induction. I was already dilated to 3 when I went to the hosp.) born a couple of days before due.

Analise:8lbs 13oz born 5 days after due (induced after starting labor the night before)

Niklaus:10lbs 6oz born ON due date naturally (story in the bro-in-law link)

Mariela: 8lbs 5oz induced one week before due. 12 hour labor from start to finish (I wasn't in labor at all, just afraid of having 11 lb baby! I'm not afraid this time so I'm going to try to go when the baby wants.)

Okeydokey, now you have the history (bear in mind that this one's a boy...look closely at the boy weights). Time to make some guesses!

or any other birthy, prediction thing you can think up. The closest guess without going "over" (oh please, don't let me go "over") gets a little prize plus bragging rights.

I need a distraction from all of this power nesting I'm doing. I'll post everyone's guesses here as updates come in! I might even post a picture of myself in all my fatness to help you in the guessing game. We'll see about that!

Oh, and please pray that my baby comes out safely and without trauma from being so huge! (Goodness knows, he's already got enough built-in trauma being born into this goofy family!)

Wednesday, February 06, 2008

Fatmardishrovepanaval Tuesday

The kid's Grandma Sue gave them this fun, playdoh colored, cookie mix and they made some crazy cookies (and a big flour mess) yesterday!

Later, at night, I brought the three littlers to my mom and dad's while I signed Matty up for baseball and went to the local caucus. Before I went, we played with Mari's popbeads (which she calls "puppies" also, Niklaus calls the things you put around your neck "Niklauses" heehee!). So, I guess our "Mardi Gras" was complete with sweets (cookies), partying (flour fight), and even BEADS (I didn't plan that, I just realized now that that activity fit the day!)!

I got some beautifully designed jewelry last night, and I didn't even have to lift my shirt (I did though, a few times because the baby was particularly wild last night, and wiggly...that's fun to watch!)!

Oh, and I WON'T quit blogging for Lent so "thanks a lot" to the wimps who did (now I won't have anything GOOD to read or be able to make smart-A comments. Dang.) because it doesn't really interfere with my prayer life or my day...Buuuuuuut, I gave up listening to talk radio (and the kids all say "YESSSSSSSS!!!!!!!!!" you should have heard the cheer go up in the van after I announced that one!) for alllll of lent.

I've already desired to put on the radio about six times this morning alone!
We're going to say a rosary now for the special person of the day.
God Bless all of you and HAPPY FASTING!...Ooopsie, I mean HAVE A MISERABLE DAY (BUT DON'T SHOW IT!)!

Tuesday, February 05, 2008

Bockerisms, Part III or: More Reasons to Love Age 4

Niklaus opened the door to the bathroom this morning and peeped in at me...

N: Mooooo-oooooom, I'm going to grow my spikeys todayyyyyyy!"

Me: Uh, Bocker? What are you talking about?

N: You know, (rolls eyes and holds his hand palm up) like daddy has? I'm going to grow up big and get my spikeys!

Me: Yeahhhhh, but what the heck are 'spikeys' anyway? (knowing full well, but wanting to hear it from him)

N: (rolling eyes again and sighing) You know, on my FACE, just like Daddy! I can feel them growing right NOW!

Yesterday we had a dental appt. for the middle three. It was a very opportune thing because on Friday night, Niklaus was goofing around in the living room, (he literally "bounces" around inside the house in the winter time) and turned to get away from Weazy. He landed right next to me (on the computer) and I saw him bash his lower lip and teeth on the end of the rocking horse. He held his lip for second and then looked worried as he said to me, "Am I bleeding???" and as he said the word "bleeding", the "B" made him splatter blood all over my face and shirt. Yes, you are bleeding, son! We grabbed a wet towel to stop the bleeding and I pulled his crooked front tooth forward to get it back in it's rightful place (not knowing that that was the right thing to do). He stopped crying when he stopped bleeding but I thought that we might have to go to the ER and get him some stitches (it was a REALLY deep gash on his lower lip that I won't gross you out with pictures of).

Here is the poor horsey after Niklaus attacked it with his tooth and lip:

Luckily, I have this cousin who was going to come over anyway who happens to work in the dental office where we had our Monday appt.! She called the dentist and she said that they probably wouldn't bother to stitch it and gave us some good instructions so we left it at that.

It was a lesson on "the right thing". You know what I mean? What is the right thing to do in this case? It's not simple. Some people would just automatically think, "Well, DUH! Take him to the ER then they can tell you if he needs stitches or not!" But lets think about that. If I brought him to the ER, we would sit there for no less than THREE HOURS while we fill out paper work (at 8pm, it would get ugly really fast with a 4 year old!) and then, in the end, they might tell us, "I'm sorry, we don't do anything for lips. We just let them heal themselves." OR they would say, "Okay, lets sedate him, hold him down and put very teeny stitches in his lip in the hopes that MAYBE this would lessen any scarring." Imagine THAT horrible scene? So, in the end, we just went to the dentist on Monday and the doctor said that his tooth wasn't broken, his lip was healing well, and to look for infection. Other than that, he should be just fine. I'm glad I had sensible people around that night to curb my mom-reaction of "holy-moly that thing looks hideous! Let's bring him to the ER this INSTANT!" because it wasn't something I could fix really fast.

So, when Niklaus sat down in the chair to get (a very gentle) cleaning, he pointed to the door, and gave me a meaningful look as a way of telling me that I needed to leave (he likes to be a big boy and do this on his own!). I sneaked behind the wall to hear what he might say to the hygienist without me in the room.

Nicole: So, you have a new baby at your house (she saw my huge belly)?

Niklaus: Yeah, it's Thomas.

Nicole: Oh, his name is Thomas?

Niklaus: Yeah, but he's not "out", yet!

Another thing he said when I had gone to check on the other kids was:

Nicole: So, which school do your brothers and sisters go to?

Niklaus: None of them.

Nicole: Oh! Do they homeschool?

Niklaus: Yeah, I teach them.

Nicole: You DO? Does your mom help?

Niklaus: Yeah, she helps.

Friday, February 01, 2008

Papa is a Poet, Didn't Even Knowit

Papa has a new post (finally, his lazy daughter got around to posting something for him!).
Go check it out! Be sure to comment. He's starting to get a complex.