Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Some Days...

...Don't you feel like the weight of the world is on your back?

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Why I DO Do Facebook/Summer Fun

Heehee, I know, I know...I said I wasn't going to get involved in that thing. Sometimes, I just have to participate in a trend. I'll probably ditch it some day but for now, it's kind of fun and a nice way to stay in touch with the relatives. I don't accept everyone as a "friend" because I don't like the pressure of having people I barely know judging my every move...I have a BLOG for THAT hahahahaha!

I have been busy since the marathon getting things around here in order, doing a running program with Trina, going out with Butch to a wedding last Saturday, going out with the girls on Friday night, chatting with Regina on the phone and making her a super cool video that none of you other people will EVER see (I just wanted to prove to her that I do exist and I'm not some creepy, 70 year old perv or something, trying to draw her in with my friendly ways). We went to the zoo yesterday with my nieces and went shopping today for matching outfits too.

We have been working on things around the house, outside in the garden, and trying to find little, fun things to do locally. I try to visit with friends as often as I can but it's hard when everyone is on vacation.

Matty finished his baseball season with a great game where he played a lot as catcher and I was so proud of him. He's been having a good time making sniper stands and shooting off fireworks and his airsoft gun. He's kind of a pyro, but we still love him because he does the dishes.

Weazy and Matty get to go on vacation with Auntie Nina and Uncle Matt and fam in August and they are really looking forward to that!

Mari and Tommy like their rides in the bike trailer that our neighbors so generously gifted to us after their kids had outgrown it. I like the workout and they like the ride.

Butch has been working IN town almost this whole year! That will change this autumn though, I'm sure. You have to get work where you can find it, right? I'm kind of hoping he'll get some out of town work that is within MN so we can go on some mini-vacations with the kids. There is still a very big possibility that we'll be able to meet our friends in K.C. later this fall too!

We went to a parade on Sunday and I'd just like to say that I have never been so caught "in between" in my LIFE. The people to the right of us were super anal and we couldn't be good enough for them. It seemed we were in their way the ENTIRE TIME and the mothers kept shoving our kids out of their kid's ways until I was ready to punch them. The people on the LEFT of us were super obnoxious (like the ladies on the right thought WE were) and their kids were way too old to be running into the street in front of all of OUR special, way cuter kids. Ugh. It tried all of our patience and we just wanted to have a nice time at the parade with the kids. I am bringing a "parade kit" next time. Here's what it will contain:
1. A piece of chalk to mark out the 'safety zone' for our kids (which sucks but might eliminate any fussing from the righties out there)
2. Bags for candy and garbage.
3. Bandaids and wipeys for the scrapes they get diving for candy and scratched off mosquito bites.
4. A bullhorn for telling off the annoying people around us and getting the attention of the cops...just kidding.
5. A scissors for opening all of the freezies that people tossed at the kids. Those things are great on a hot day, but they are teeth wreckers, for sure.

Now for some PICTURES!

Mari, Weazy, Ani, Lexi in their funny, stripy pants

Trying to see the cool tractor through the lefties

Always fun to wave to the pretty princesses!

Love this poochy lipped, crazycurly haired alien!

The obligatory tribute to M.J....with more candy!

Perfect illustration of why we couldn't see anything! (LEFTIES! ARGGGGHH!)

(That last one there is just for Jordan!)

Perfect illustration of our perfect children being perfectly parade proper.

Butchie and I at the wedding. We will celebrate our 16 anniversary in a couple weeks!

Here is what Butch looked like before I went out with the girls (in the two pics above this one). I love that boy.

Here is a video I shot last month of the yard, I'll post a new picture of our garden now that it's HUGE with veggies and green goodness. We have fresh salad every day! You can hear the wind which is a daily issue. I love our yard. I love our house. We are very lucky to have it. I hope we can keep it for a good, long time. I'm going to try to freshen up the porch today with some new paint. I might paint the front door too...what color should I paint it? Right now it's a deep purple but I don't like that anymore. What do you think would look neat?

Latergaters, if you do facebook and want to be my friend, look for me "Laura Nielsen" and send a request. Sorry if I don't accept it but I'm pretty choosy and I need to really know you pretty well to put you on that list!