Friday, February 29, 2008

How To: First Sink Bath (Starring: Thomas The Super Baby)

The outside wrapping must first be removed (this is a sleep sac thing that Trina The Big Sister bought at the hospital gift shop. They use these instead of those receiving blankets now...they are WONDERFUL!). So, take note of cuteness then move on to the next step:

Do not be distracted by the contented cuteness of the second layer, this baby is not going to be happy for much longer and feeding time comes sooner than you think. Take time for oooohs and aaaaahs then procede to next step:

See? I warned you that this could get ugly! Just turn away if you're offended and go to the next step...quickly!:

(Aw, even when he's looking like this, he's cute!) step! He's not getting any less stinky here people!:

"AHHHHHHHHHhhhhhhhh, now THAT'S What I'm talking about! Hmmmm, where are the bubbles? Oh well, I guess I'll just make my own!":

"I am putty in your hands, Dear Mother!"

"You missed a spot...right here...I think it might be milk mustache."

"Hmmm, what is this yummy thing called 'washcloth'? It tastes divine!"

"Uh oh, I have a feeling the party's over!"

"THiiiiis iiis no-o-o-t wa-a-a-arm anymo-r-r-r-e!"


"Okay, okay, I CAN do this. I CAN do this." Spread a little Burt's Bees lotion on the wiggly baby to calm him down and make him smell nice:

Don't forget the funny, daddy shaped toes!:

"Curses! Here we go again with the fussin'! What did I tell you about fussin'?!"

"Hey, I'm getting pretty good at this 'getting dressed' thing! Maybe it's not so bad, after all?":

Pause slightly to take note of the really long, chimpanzee-like fingers (where did those things come from?):

"In retrospect, and after much deliberation, I'm thinking that this bath thing doesn't deserve such a bad rap. I may not even fuss for the next one!"

"But, maybe...I WILL!"

("Heh heh, I like to keep Mom on her toes!")