Thursday, February 14, 2008

Happy St. Valentine's Day!

Niklaus and I are in bed this afternoon for a nap. Niklaus asks, "Mom, can I talk to Thomas?"

Me: Yes, of course.
N: Okay, but I need you to move your shirt.

Me: Okay, but talk very gently. I think he's trying to take a nap too.
N: (whisper-talks and cups his hand so I don't hear his private, brother chat) Hey, Thomas, when it's time for you to come out, there's this really big, special hole that you gotta go in (I've been reading the book Angel in the Waters to him but I don't remember saying anything about a "hole". I've been letting them watch just a few episodes of A Baby Story with me in the mornings to get the idea of the hospital and what happens to get the baby out of there. It was really funny that he thought I couldn't hear him!) and don't be scared. You gotta go there and then, when you come out, I'll be there to hold you...okay?

Me: be sure to tell him to "go toward the light"!
N: (puts his face back on my belly) Okay, you gotta go where it's light, Mommy said...Hey, Mom? What if he's too scared to come out or something? What if he changes his mind? I think he should just stay in there for a while. I don't think he wants to come out yet!

Me: Well, he may just decide that it's nice and comfy in there and he'll want to stay! But, we should try to get him to come out so we can snuggle him and love him...don't you think?
N: Yeah! (pats my tummy and nods his head) Ya hear that, Tommy? (kisses my belly) Have a good rest, Thomas. Don't kick Mommy any more right now, okay? She wants to rest too!