Friday, February 22, 2008

Niktastic Bockerisms (Continued)

...another naptime conversation...

Me: Hey, Niklaus, when Thomas comes, he will be right here (pointing to the space between us near where he will be feeding at naptime) instead of down here (pointing to my belly) and then I'll have to flip over and feed him on the other side and you can snuggle my back (he thinks I NEED him to take a nap. He's proud of the roll of "official snuggler" for me at naptime).

N: I know, I know, now, let me snuggle you already!

Me:I'm sorry I got mad that you didn't eat your lunch, Niklaus.

N: That's okay (his goofy face just 2 inches away from mine).

Me: It's just that I need you to be strong and healthy so you have to eat when I say.

N: When Thomas comes, I will be your little boy, right?

Me: ?

Me: Of course, you'll ALWAYS be my little boy, so will Matty, so will Thomas...

N: But you said that you didn't want me to grow. You said that you wanted me to be little forever and that I should stop growing "right now"!

Me: (aha!) Oh, Niklaus, that's not really the truth! I just joke with you when I say to "STOP IT RIGHT NOW! STOP GROWING SO BIG! I'M GOING TO PRESS ON YOUR HEAD SO YOU STAY LITTLE FOREVER!"! I really want you to grow big and strong, just like Daddy!

N: (knowing that already so he's laughing at how smart he was to try to get out of eating stuff he doesn't want to) I know, I know!

Me: You little stinker!

N: Hey, Mom? You want a drink of water or sompthin'? You can have one of my candy hearts too! (hands me a candy heart).

Me: Thanks, Niklaus.

N: (sniffs my face) Hey, Mom? Can I smell your breath with the candy in there?

Me: Sure (opening my mouth and breathing right in his face...which is still 2 inches from mine).
Well? Doesn't it smell nice?

N: Kinda. It smells like minty and stink.
Can we just stop talking and go to sleep now?