Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Movie and a Question

Thanks for the suggestions.

Secondhand Lions (own it)
Count of Monte Cristo (make me melt, Jim)
Life is Beautiful (which should ONLY be viewed in Italian with English subtitles!)

I still haven't seen Return to Me but I'm looking forward to seeing what that's all about.

I reviewed Bella here (not worth all the hype Regnum Christi tried to gen up and it was a pretty lame that they produced the movie and went around trying to get their members to buy out the theaters all over the place. It was just a little embarrassing, in my opinion. If a movie is good, people will see it!)

Okay, just for fun...
What's the absolute WORST movie of all time that you've seen IN THE THEATER?
Sarah Landon and the Paranormal Hour

I just giggle even thinking about it! You almost have to see it to believe how bad it is and to wonder what kind of incentive the producers had to produce to get that stinker on the big screen. Oghuh, I am practically gagging at the thought of a sequel (it was supposed to be "the first in a series" HAHAHAHAAAAA! I laughed so hard I think I peed a little in my granny panties when I read that!).

That would be so bad it might be good.

(oh, and thanks, "Feature Films for Families" for setting the bar so high in the area of "quality wholesome films for families" heeheehee, if you've been shnookered by those folks, you KNOW what I'm talking about!)

Facing the Giants (I saw on DVD but it WAS in theaters) is a close second!

Monday, July 28, 2008

Didjouknow I Watched Juno?

Short review? Hated it.

Long review? Fine! Here goes:
I purposely waited a while to watch it because I didn't want to be influenced by the hype. I also knew I wouldn't be able to watch it around the kids and I figured Butch wouldn't really like what looked to me a little too "chick flickish" for his taste and I don't get very much time to watch movies all by myself these days.

As I watched the beginning, I was looking at it from the stance of "could I possibly let Trina (almost 14) watch it if I edited just the beginning part?"

Uh, NO!

I know that some very good, Catholic blog writers have reviewed this movie positively so I really was set to enjoy it but was VERY let down. In my mind, this was a very depressing movie. It showed the base of every character almost to a person. It caricatured the ONE pro-life influence in the main character's life to the point of absurd stupidity. I thought that the filmmaker worked so hard to make the characters sound so witty and smart that they forgot that really, not EVERYONE is so witty and smart. The characters were very unlovable in my opinion. The main character seemed to have dead eyes like most seemingly soul-less teens these days (I know that not all teens are like that, but it sure seems like there are a lot of them around and I'd rather not they be glorified on film) I just couldn't really relate to anyone except maybe Jennifer Garner's character but even her, at the end was cynical and wooden (until she held the baby then of course she acted as most mother's would).

I have to say that the only thing in this movie that was really likable was the very end where the two fornicators sing a ditty to each other. It was a catchy tune.

Okay, I know that's harsh but this movie made me really not like people. I didn't see it as a pro-life movie at all. It made life seem like something that is created on a whim and judged at every turn as crude or cool depending on how the main character wanted us to think about it.

I thought that most of the lines in the movie were LAME instead of profound as many reviewers seemed to think.

I thought that the writer had a real anti-Christian attitude. Every time there was supposed to be a REAL devotion to anything "Jesus", it came off as forced or that the actor must have had a bad taste in their mouth to even say His name. The step-mom was particularly repulsive when she said something about a "gift from the baby Jesus". The dialogue was horrible, who talks like that? The writer is from Chicago and moved to Minnesota (yay us) so she throws all kinds of references in to things in the suburbs here near the twin cities but that comes off as forced as well.

I would rather have watched another "Die Hard" movie than one that tried to be so modern and hip and ended up being more depressing and putrid.

I really do feel sorry for the writer if this movie represents how she feels about the world and the people around her.

I could go into better detail but I'm a little fried from cleaning out drawers and organizing things all over the house. It's a never ending battle. I should have watched somthing to lift my spirits instead.

I'm heading to the Red Box to bring these movies back...

Can anyone recommend a good movie to get this bad taste out of my mouth?

Sunday, July 27, 2008

Lord, I Apolergize...

...for possibly spreading my sore throat germs to the 10 or so people behind me in the Communion line after my tongue accidentally touched the sweet EMHC's thumb (you know who you are...so sorry!) because my mouth went up and closed too fast in an instinctive reaction to admonishing Mari whose hand was was sliding up my leg in an effort to destroy any attempt at modesty I might try by wearing a skirt to church and thereby possibly exposing my granny panties to all those same people behind me.

In retrospect, I guess I'd rather they get the germs than see my underpants and cause them to think all kinds of scandalous, sinful thoughts right before Communion...

and be with them Pygmies in New Guinea,


Friday, July 25, 2008

Thank God for DumbA$$, Chicken $#!* "Doctors"...

...who won't tell women the TRUTH about the humanity of their pre-born children before they rip them from their wombs.

I don't know why a pro-life person would fight this particular law (like it says in the article below) but it seems to make sense to me and, lookey there...it WORKED!:

Last Abortion Clinic in SD Closes after Law Requires Patients be Informed of Possible Side Effects
SIOUX FALLS, SD, July 24, 2008 (LifeSiteNews.com) - On Monday, July 21, eight women arrived at the Planned Parenthood office in Sioux Falls in South Dakota for abortions, but were instead met with locked doors and a hand-written note indicating the only abortion clinic in South Dakota was closed.
Planned Parenthood closed its doors after their abortionists, who are flown in from other states, refused to work under the new law that went into effect last Friday. The law orders abortionists to inform patients of the humanity of their babies and that the procedure could affect their mental health two hours before the abortion is set to be performed. The law also provides that abortionists can be sued if they do not comply.

This law was the brain-child of attorney Harold Cassidy and passed with the help of determined pro-life leaders Dr. Alan and Leslee Unruh, who pushed for the regulation in the face of opposition, even from some in the pro-life movement. The Eighth U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals cleared the way for the law's enactment last week.

It remains unclear if the Planned Parenthood office has permanently ceased the practice of abortion. However, several women who were scheduled for abortions this week went to a pro-life center instead, where some have reportedly changed their minds about having abortions.

"The closing of this clinic is historic in that South Dakota is, for the time being, the first abortion-free state," said Operation Rescue President Troy Newman. "It didn't take the overturning of Roe v. Wade, and it didn't take a new President or a new Supreme Court. It took the courageous determination of pro-life heroes like Mr. Cassidy and the Unruhs who saw an opportunity to save lives and pressed on until their dream became victory."

"We applaud their efforts and encourage other states to emulate their campaign," said Newman.

The Unruhs are currently involved in the Vote Yes For Life Campaign, which would effectively ban abortions in South Dakota, putting the finishing nail in the coffin of the abortion industry there.

Text of the new law and links to the court decision can be found at http://www.voteyesforlife.com

I can just hear it now.

Abortion doctor: I can NOT work in these conditions! If I tell the lady it's really a baby and she might suffer the loss of an actual CHILD, or other physical and mental complications, she might change her mind at the last minute and I'll have used my frequent flier miles for NOTHING! (stomps feet) it's not FAIR!

H/T My wonderful Ray of sunshine!

Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Depends on How You Look For It

Weazy: (digging around in my wallet and purse at Niklaus' swimming lessons this morning...the vending machine is right behind us...)

Mama: Weazy, quit stealing all my quarters!

Weazy: It's not stealing, Mama...it's scrounging. (rolls her eyes dramatically) It's a totally different thing!

Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Just Because I Can

The Complicated Woman's Nightbook

FOR TODAY (or sometime yesterday...whenever I get around to posting it)
Outside my broken front door...is a messy porch that needs more plants and a coat of paint.

I am cogitating..."When am I going to find time to paint?"

I am grateful for...the fact that I mostly live INSIDE the house and can't see how junky it looks from outside.

From the place we make food...blueberry toaster waffles for supper (Butch was out of town. Breakfast for supper, my favorite!)

I am stripping off...my jogging shorts that I didn't really get to jog in today because Thomas is a stinker that cries when anybody else who isn't lactating holds him.

I am making...plans to paint.

I am leaving...this weekend for a much needed time out in Wisconsin with my sistahs.

I am perusing...blogs, a John Grisham novel, a saint book, the church bulletin.

I am desiring...nobody ever reads this post.

I am audibly assessing...the sounds of teeth grinders, talk in their sleepers, fans, the hum of the puter.

Around the mansion...we have fruit flies.

One of best things about tomorrow...the garbage man cometh.

What adventures do the next few days hold... playing with the kids, running, cleaning, going to WI on Friday yippeeeeeeeee!

Here is picture that I don't mind you seeing...

(totally funky, huh? I think Trina took this picture after or before one of the storms we always seem to have this summer)

Not Many Like Him Around Anymore

Ray has a lovely tribute to Msgr. Schuler. Please go and check it out!
I wish I would have known him. He was quite a wonderful person who made an impact on Catholics around the world!

Monday, July 14, 2008

Sunday, July 13, 2008

Parades In Minnahsohtuh

Today we enjoy the Monticello Riverfest parade. I love a parade!

As usual, the people watching is remarkable.
Especially the dude who sits by me in a "Keep Kids Off Drugs" who is totally stoned and spaced out.

We stand for the color guard and are so proud of any of the military people we see marching or retired ones that are riding.

We marvel at the horses and snicker at the pooper scoopers that follow them (why is poop so dang funny?).

We clap like crazy for the bands and the flag/fake wood rifle girls.

When Al Franken's wife and his posse with Al Franken signs (i.e. those dirty hippies with floppy hats and ugly brown sandals) pass by there are crickets, I swear. It is pretty funny but even funnier is this guy at the end of the posse who tries to get the crowd fired up and yells, "Do you want change, or more of the same?!" and Trina my supercoolsistersays, "MORE OF THE SAME!".

Heh heh heh.

We get more than a little nervous when the fat old guy shriners in the funny hats go by in their go-carts but clap when they pass by after a little formation show in front of us (it's really more of a sigh of relief clap, but it is pretty cool to see them "dancing" in their little cars!).

Don't you think it's a little ironic that the big trailer following them has a huge picture of a shriner holding a crutch in one hand and carrying a small child in the other? I swear they get within inches of the children along the parade route and I really fear that they might run over one if they aren't a little more careful!

We get all hopped up on tootsie rolls and fight over the vanilla ones. CURSES to those blue "frooties" that are really blue raspberry and NOT vanilla tootsies! That's false advertising or something!

We throw candy surreptitiously at the feet of the littlest ones so they think it was thrown at them in the first place and so they get a chance at a candy collection as big as the big kid's ones.

We get all star-struck (well, I do) when my hero in Washington comes by and hugs me so tight during our "can I get a picture with you?" hug, that I think I'm going to lose my breath!

Me and Trine marvel at how tiny and pretty she is and how we wish we could so totally be her when we grow up.

I just can't say enough good things about that woman!
(That picture was from my cell camera. Man, she makes me look like some kind of giant woman!)
I acted like such a dork when I saw that she was there in person. I was practically shaking when she walked away! I thanked her and told her she was my hero.

What a maroon. Could I sound any stupider?

Just for fun, you HAVE to watch a video or listen to some audio of her. She has the MOST cliche' MN accent in the whole state, yah. Me and Trine make fun of it all the time but I suppose if you heard us talking, you might think we sound just like her (if you aren't from MN)!

I love how she remains true to her conservative roots. I've never known her to step back from what she believes and that is so honorable! I hope she represents us for a good, long time.

Thursday, July 10, 2008

One Of Us

I just LOVE the fact that people use blogs to advertise! For instance, Rachie and Billy's photographer has a BLOG! She posted a BUNCH of cool pictures of the wedding. Now you can see how beautiful and fun the wedding day was for all of us and I didn't even have to take any pictures! My sis, Katrina took one of all of us sibs that were involved in the wedding (Me, Nick, Trine, Anna) so I'll post that one later. In the big, outside B&W shot of the whole party, I'm third bridesmaid from the left. My mom and dad are the ones on the Schntizelbank picture (don't they look so cute?). The 23rd one down, the one with the guy in the orange shirt, is one of my favorite. Pete (my bro) is the one in the orange shirt. My uncle Tommy (who MY Tommy is named after and who is my dad's brother...Billy's father) is singing like crazy and in between them, is my funny cousin, Randy (he's a devout Catholic, about 25 years old, and SINGLE...girls? girls?) who sprayed Billy's mouth before the big kiss.

Anna and Trina are in the shot right below that one cheering and toasting. My brother, Rudy is behind them as well. The whole family had such a great time. We were all invited and all included in some way or another and my children were all invited and they ALL stayed until the last dance (Butch and baby Tommy went home around 10, they both needed some sleep after the long day of me being gone for pictures and the wedding). Bocker and Matty danced nearly every dance and they love it. I really gotta take them out more! The girls danced almost every dance and twirled so pretty in their dresses (isn't that what dresses are for?).

Rachie and Trina went to school together and were bffs since about 7 or 8th grade and by proxy, Rachie has been my friend that whole time too! Billy is our cousin (same age as my brother Nick). Theirs is a LONG and beautiful story. Sometime I'll tell it (when I don't have a bathroom to paint or a 2 year old who likes to put her feet on the keyboard and needs a nap)!

Enjoy the pictures and please comment about them, I'm sure Rachie and Billy would appreciate it!

Tuesday, July 08, 2008

Then Suddenly...Fun Summer

We've been so busy this summer. I don't have a camera...but TRINA does so I've been driving her nuts with the "Hey! Trina! Grab your camera!"s every 10 minutes or so.

Here are some things we've been up to:
We took Jordan with us to the MN Zoo... Took a funny picture of drool face...
Went strawberry picking (these looked so good but they didn't taste very good for some reason. The ones we bought from the store from California were much better...you'll see them in a minute!)...
Took a picture of stinky grabby hands drool face...
Went to Rachie and Billy's wedding (I didn't blog about it but it was the most beautiful wedding I've ever attended! I didn't have my camera but the memories will last forever in my heart!)...
Took a funny picture of sleepy drool face...
We went for multiple trips in the bus despite the gas prices (we gotta get around town somehow and I don't have a bike trailer for an infant!)...
Took a picture of drooley face...
We went horseyback riding in the living room on a garage sale pony...
We dreamt about drooling...
I painted Kara's fingers (and everyone else's fingers and toes) for the holiday weekend...
We wiped some drool and took a cute picture of Tommy (he gets the crooked smile from me... the drool? I'm not saying where that might come from ;)...
We celebrated the fourth over at my brother, Nick's house (we were going to swim all day, thus the no make-up in this picture) so I made a fruit plate with chocolate dipped, star marshmallows and blueberries, and strawberries which I called (and now the kids call)...
"The Masterpiece"
Finally, we celebrated Weazy's birthday on the 6th...

(no actual puppies were bitten in the making of this photograph)

...and pretty much the 5th, 7th, 8th, and 9th (To hear her tell it, we barely celebrated it at all. Hmph.) Her "party" pretty much ran for several days including TWO sleepovers with Gabby and various friends flitting in and out.

Weazy turned 8 this year and I can't wait until she receives Our Lord in the Eucharist next spring! I know she is so ready and looking forward to the big event!

She has been my right hand woman this year with Thomas. She's always volunteering to do extra work around the house and does a fabulous job. She is such a good sister to Mari (who can be a handful!). Mari is learning how to draw from her and how to dress to match. She was/is also Mari's best cheerleader and helper in the quest for potty independence. I love that they are so close even though they are about 6 years apart. Weazy helps me with so much that if I had to pay her for every chore, I'd go broke! She is sweet and kind and has a good heart. She's the family "reporter" and is always on the lookout for misbehavior (I'm SURE this will come in handy someday...right now it's not always an appreciated trait by other members of the clan!). She has an eye for beauty and justice and is always making up fun games and using her imagination and dramatic flair to entertain her siblings.

Happy birthday, Analise!

Happy summer, everyone!

Monday, July 07, 2008

Prayers For Tots

Support my MN peeps and go over to Miss Missie's blog , give her a big, "Mama's Club" cyber hug and prayers (real prayers, not cyber ones whatever the heck those might be) for her upcoming babystuff on Thursday!

We met at the doctor's office when I went there last year one time for an OB check with Thomas. She and I started chatting right away and she's the type of person you just KNOW you're going to be friends with. I gave her my email and blog address ("I have this thing called a blooooooog..." I told her shyly. She lit up and said "I HAVE ONE TOO!" YAY, I thought, it's so hard to explain what a blog is to someone who doesn't spend any time on the computer!).

Sunday, July 06, 2008

I Heart My Friends

My good pal, Michelle just sent out an email that announced she is having a baby (it will be her 9th, she had one loss that I know of). She now has 3 girls and 4 boys in a row. Maybe this one will even things up? Either way, she's one of the best moms I know and I love her like a sister. Here's the email I sent her and her responses. She's also one of the cleanest joke telling, FUNNIEST people I know!

Hey Michelle!

First, I'd like to offer my sincere congratulations for your new addition.

Thank you!!!!!!!!!!!

Second, I'd like to ask you a few questions in that regard:

Don't you know what causes that?

No, but we sure are having fun trying to figure it out………

Are you going to stop after this one?

The only thing I stop for is stop signs……..

HOW many kids do you want, anyway?

The hosp. we’re currently at is pay 11 OB deliveries and the 12th is FREE, we want to go for it…

You really should be more responsible!

Having a lot of kids makes me responsible because I have to be with so many……….

You must be a saint!

Hmmmmmmm………I will be a saint, when my head is in the Porcelain Bowl and I can do it JOYFULLY……not there yet………..

You must be just crazy.

Well, anyone can be normal, and normal ONLY means one thing, the cycle on your washing machine………..

Kids are WAY too expensive.

They are I couldn’t even put a price on them…………

Are you going for a baseball team?

I married a hunter….so I’d have to say……they’ll be the ‘providers’………….

Are you going to stop if this one's a girl?

No, because then she’ll need a sister.

You know, you can do things to prevent that sort of thing.

Please, see above, we are still having fun figuring it out………

Are you Catholic or something?

Yes, I’m a John Paul II, Humanae Vitae fanatic………..

Heeheeheeheeheehee! Did I cover all of them yet?

No, you forgot, How are you going to pay for all their college? You must have a really big house? Do you do day care? Are these all of yours? We’re you trying? What did Dave say?

I SERIOUSLY, have heard this to me….my two favorites…….that take the cake……no one has topped them yet……….are you ready……

“Man, she must really like to have sex……” (as I was walking away)

“Are these yours……..with the same man?” (I said, I wouldn’t have this many if it weren’t with the same man)

I love you guys! Butch wasn't even phased when I told him about your email. He just kind of got a grin on his face. Thank you for being a good example of Christ's love for us by being open to life (and MORE than open, you are actually bringing life to fruition...LOTS of times!) and showing the world how much of a blessing one more soul can be to a family.

I know that pride is a sin, but I am so proud to call you my friend...if that makes me a sinner?... I guess I better go to confession again!

You are a doll, Laura. I hope we live next to ea. other in Heaven.

Love and prayers always,




P.S. I know that it's against moral law and totally sinful against God, but if you could clone another Kara, that'd be great. Or, another option could be that you could just let US have YOUR Kara since you have so many other children to spare? Think about it and get back to me.

Kara (my last name)? Sounds kind of nice. ONLY if we can have Trina Bina. She is a doll. I love her so much! I really do, she is awesome and very nice and respectful when she’s here. She is so easy to have over.

Thursday, July 03, 2008

I Feel Naked

Yesterday, Mom came over and suggested we go to Anna's apartment to swim in the indoor pool. Since the kids were booooooored, we went. We had a wonderful time. Mom took Tommy to the car while the rest of us went up to change. On our way out, I kept counting kids and feeling freaked out. I said, "I feel naked without Tommy!" and Anna immediately responded, "You LOOK naked without Tommy!".

I do keep asking "Where's Niklaus? Where's Mari?" when we are out and about to keep the older kids alerted to where their little sibs are and to always look for them. If Mari and Bocker are lagging behind or hiding behind some bigger kid's legs, I get that momentary panic and the big kids roll their eyes and say, "He/she is RIGHT HERE!" before I even ask, they are so used to it. But, there's nothing like that "empty arms" feeling of having someone else hold Tommy while I deal with the older kids. It's so odd that someone who's only been in the outside world for four months can seem like he's been here forever...so much so that when he's out of sight for more than a few minutes, he feels missed.

I feel naked also because my camera finally pooped out completely. Who would have expected that? I take such good care of that thing. It had duct tape on the broken battery case, a cracked casing and askew viewfinder (that couldn't be looked through), it's been in a rainstorm, thrown in the dryer, dropped about 20 times (once down the stairs). It's only about 4 years old! Heehee, I BEAT on that thing and it still kept taking cool pictures. It was a Kodak EasyShare c330 and I LOVED it for how easy it was to use and how it took surprisingly good pictures for how cheapo it was. It only had 4 megapixels (whateverthosethingsare) and it only costs around 100 bucks but I wish I had another exactly like it. I don't have any money to buy a new one but I did find a refurbished one similar to it on the Kodak website that I might buy (there are SO many other things to pay for, it's so hard to justify purchases like that). Here is the very last video taken with my now defunct camera:

Proof of Tooth (Starring Tommy)

I'm pretty sure he's working on his top teeth now because he's always chomping on his fingers. I wish he'd just quit growing like that and be the baby he's supposed to be! By the way, he always reminded me of a Star Wars character and I kept trying to find an image of it on the internet. I finally found it and I always laugh at how much he reminds me of this guy. Maybe it doesn't come across from pictures here that I post, but the live version with his jowly cheeks, beady eyes, and funny shaped head really are reminiscent of that character!

I changed my running blog to invite only again. I felt naked about that too, because I put identifying info on there and more pictures (no naked ones, so sorry) of me running in the half-marathon. Those are reserved for people who won't stalk me or go all psycho and become my number one fans (exception for Regina who is already my stalking/psycho/numberonefan).

We are going to celebrate the Fourth of July over at my brother, Nick's house with my brother's and sisters, nieces and nephews, parents and friends, and it should be lots of fun. I'd take pictures but...

Dangit! I feel so naked.