Sunday, February 24, 2008

Thomas Harold has arrived-safe and sound (and cute, duh)

*update: Laura is feeling great, Thomas is eating very well and the other kids are all going to meet their new brother today (new pic below)

Fertlmertl here (though arguably the crazymama deserves this moniker much more so than me).

I have been instructed to give the stats here. Laura was once again amazing, she'll tell you there were some tough times (read: anesthesiologist not arriving anywhere near a reasonable hour) but she battled through it and in the end, the actual birth was a beautiful thing. The magic man finally came with the right prescription so that Baby Thomas could much more peacefully get ready to be born.

Little Tommy was born sunny side up, his mouth wide open ready to give us a good cry. He looked like he had just had a bath, he was perfectly perfect. Well, except for that funny big toe that he gets from his daddy. His is in perfect health and he was born surrounded by tons of people who love him. To my mind he looks like a combination of Bocker and Mari. Laura just called from the hospital and Thomas is eating and doing well. Laura said she feels great, maybe even better than after any of the other births but she is, of course, tired. I'll let her tell the rest, but I know you folks and just a few numbers wasn't going to satisfy anyone.

Here are the stats:
Weight: 9 lbs. 4 oz.
Length: 22.5 inches
Time: I think it was around 5:15p.m. this evening
Date: Today! Feb. 24th, our parents' 40th wedding anniversary (the 18th grandchild isn't too shabby a gift eh?)
First one to hold him: Big Sister Weazy; Big Sister Trina was the videographer

I'm sure Laura would want to thank you for all of your prayers and support. She should be home soon and back to giving you up to the minute accounts of poopy diapers and bockerisms and other misadventures.

This is Fertlmertl signing out. Goodnight. A very good night, indeed.