Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Mawwiage, Vwat Bwessed Awwangement Vwat BWings Us Togevwah, Fowevwah

Well, twenty whole years have gone by and it seems like a blink of an eye to me. Approximately 7,300 kitchen butt slaps later, I love my hubs more than I did when I fell for his eyes and his big...heart :)

He says that he can't believe I've put up with him this long but I know who got the better deal O.o.

I think part of why we lasted so long is the ONE thing on the marriage inventory we did as marriage prep that the priest considered a potential "trouble spot":


:) So, I guess if that's what keeps us together (along with lots of laughs, travelling the same path, and lots of funny kids), than that's what it takes and that's the advice I'd give to someone who asks, "How did you stay together for so long?"...:

 Just be stubborn and stick together. It's simple, really:

Laugh a lot.
Try to get over yourself sometimes.
Take turns and play nicely together (oh wait, that's for the kids...but it works for marriage too so I'll keep it in there).
Always have a heart for your loved one.
Try to remember what attracted you in the first place.
You can never change anyone else. You can only change yourself and how you react to the other.
Don't stray from your vow to your spouse in ANYTHING.
It's you and him/her against the world: not you and your bff/sister/brother/mom/dad against your spouse.
If someone else tries to draw your attention away from your spouse, consider that person an enemy and guard your heart from them and direct it back to your spouse, even if you don't particularly LIKE them at the time.

For those who don't have the fortune to have found someone who is as interested in forever as you are, I have this advice: find someone who is, but tie up all of your loose ends and learn from your experience. Don't move on to the "next best thing" until you are REALLY sure that all the doors have been closed and that you know what drew you to the wrong person for you in the first place. If you repeat your mistakes, a LOT of people will be hurt, not just you and your new/old partner. :(

Back to Butch and our loveydoveysmoochysmoochyyoudrivemecrazywhattheheckiswrongwithyouIthinkyouaresoawesomeIcan'tbelieveyousaidthatwhatdidyoudoTHIStimeohmygoshyouaresoweirdIloveyou life.It's been really good and it's only going to get gooder. I can feel it in my soul.

Love you, hubs.