Tuesday, April 25, 2006

Everybody Should Have an Unco Mat

When we were growing up we lived a couple of blocks from my dad's family farm and would go to play or work there whenever we were allowed. The original homestead has been sold now and will probably be torn down later this year. Butch and I and the oldest 3 got to live there for a summer before this house was built and I was so grateful for the opportunity to connect with my roots and let the children experience "living on a farm" (no more animals and only storage for tractors etc.). We did a lot of exploring that summer and it was so nice to talk to people about living there and being in the center of town. Someone suggested the other day that the old farm house should be used for the St. Michael Historical Society or turned into a museum. I think I will go to the next Hist. Society meeting and see what anybody thinks. Anyway...
Niklaus is CRAZY about tractors! He rides with Daddy and Papa every chance he gets and holy smokes if you forget to offer him a ride when you start up the machine and start mowing the lawn without him! Papa will occasionally hook up the little utility wagon and haul grandkids around. He likes to go on the paved path through the woods next to their house...the one marked "No Motorized Vehicles". Dad never was one to believe the rules actually apply to him. Besides, the current path covers the old which was a cow path formed by the cattle from the old farm...so I guess he thinks that he has some sort of "grandfathered right" (pun intended!) to use it with his John Deere.

When my sis married Mathew and they settled out at Mat's house in the country I couldn't wait for my Matthew and all of our children to live the "country life" and spend a lot of time out there. Mat lives next to HIS family farm where his mom still lives and they keep cows! Hubs and kids love to help Uncle Mat "farm" and do duties around their 5 acre place. It really is sweet to see Matty and Niklaus "helping" and "doin' guy stuff" with daddy and Uncle Mat. This winter Niklaus got a ride on the "good tractor" with Uncle Mat while he plowed his driveway of snow. One of Niklaus' favorite books is an informational book called "Tractors". There are actual pictures of tractors and farm utility vehicles and little tidbits of information on the edges of the pages. I was reading it to him for the umpteenth time the other day and he pointed suddenly and said, "Hey, it's Unco Mat!" I looked at which pic he was pointing to and saw this:

Thursday, April 20, 2006


Amy Caroline had this funny quiz and I couldn't resist...I predict that Trine will not be able to resist it either...
I am nerdier than 2% of all people. Are you nerdier? Click here to find out!

Now I don't really despise nerds but the analysis went like this:

"Overall, you scored as follows:

98% scored higher (more nerdy), and
2% scored lower (less nerdy).

What does this mean? Your nerdiness is:

Definitely not nerdy, you are probably cool."

SEE? I knew it all along!

Wednesday, April 19, 2006

My Goal In Life

Happy Easter! We had such a wonderful celebration at my parent's house. My whole family was there with the exception of my brother Rudy who was too busy impressing his girlfriend's parents (he was recently engaged) to bother to make it in time. He says he got stuck in traffic so we'll let it go this year, I guess. Here is a picture of all of my parent's grandkids...

In order by age: Amanda(15), Amber(14), Katrina(11), Matthew(8), Analise(5), Alexis(4), Gabriella(3), Anika(2), Niklaus(2), Roman(almost 2), Wyatt(1), Anabella(1), Lucia(7mo), Mariela(7weeks), John(6weeks)

WHEW! It was harder to generate that list than I thought it would be! We had about 5 people taking pictures (and many of them) to find at least one that would be good. Of course, all of the getting into place and screwing around pictures are the funny, good ones! My parents hands were super full and it's a good thing we'll all be taking a bit of a break before the next grandkid comes or they'll run out of spots for group pics! It's so awesome for my parents to have so many grandkids. They always wanted 6 children and that's what they got, but I don't think they ever imagined that we would provide them with so many grandchildren at so young an age and so many at a time! We had a slow start (me doing all the work for so many years! Sheesh!) but just in the last 3 years alone they got 7 new grandbabies and that is so much more than their peers and friends that they can't help but brag! I know it might sound odd to brag about the numbers when it comes to children, but all of these cousins live within 1 hour driving distance and I can see many years of close cousin relationships ahead and because I was (and still am) so close to my cousins this makes me so happy! I hope someday we have a big ol' bunch of grandkids, too and I plan to do my part by having as many children as God wills to increase my odds!

Mariela and I matched (and we didn't even call each other!) with our yellow Easter clothes and my sis thought we looked so cute. She kept saying, "you HAVE to like this one" in reference to this picture and she'll know I do by the fact that I actually posted a picture of myself (does ANYONE like pics of themselves?). Mariela is so tiny compared to my other children. Everyone that meets her says, "OH! She's so TINY!" and that just floors me because each of the other children were so chubby so fast. They all guess that she must have been a preemie or very small at birth and they all look shocked when I tell them she was a week early and 8lbs 5oz. I think she got a slow start and we both had a thrush infection that severely affected our nursing. I actually nursed without pain today for the first time in about 3 weeks so she should be chunking up pretty soon. One other cute thing is my niece, Lexi has been obsessed with her head. She is the big sis of John who was born a week after Mariela and she says (while rubbing Mari's head), "Oh, her head is so tiny and cute! She's got a pretty, little head, MOM! It's so much cuter!". I assume it's because her brother has a normal, chubby baby head and he's a boy which automatically makes him less cute in a 4 year old GIRL'S eyes. Of course, he's just as cute as a button and looks very much like his sisters so I don't agree with her;) When we first got the babies together (the day of the photo below) Mariela was about a pound heavier but now, just weeks later, you can tell that John is a couple of pounds heavier than Mariela! We will go to her 2 month doctor visit on Monday and I will learn how much she weighs and where she falls on the growth chart (I'm starting to get a complex because of the comments! I know everything will be fine, though!) and set my mind at ease about her development. OH, she has started to smile and interact this last week! Her whole face smiles just like her cousin, Lucia and I can't wait for that first belly laugh...you know the one that makes the whole family giggle? Her eyes seem to be staying blue which is so strange because Butch, Me, Trina, and Matty all have green eyes and Weazy and Niklaus have brown. Hmmmm, we'll see. If they stay blue, I'll have to have a boy with blue eyes next to keep the pattern going! I'm so happy we named her Mariela. Everyone loves her name and I'll bet she loves it when she's older. I've tried to name my girls unusual, pretty, princess names because I was "Laura" which is boring as heck when you've got a sister named "Katrina". Whenever we are in public, I call them by their names and people's heads turn and they smile! Although, now Katrina gets some odd looks because of that damned hurricane. I have a feeling that name won't be so popular for a lot of years to come! I'm so happy to be posting again that I'm rambling and not very inspiring. I'll try harder next post but I'm happy to be back and I have enjoyed other's blog's during Lent (can't type with one hand while nursing a baby, but it's easy to use the mouse!). I really missed Amy Caroline and kept checking back in the early weeks of Lent to see if she cheated and just to feel close to her again but Christine kept me hopeful and the many other entertaining bloggers I've gotten to know, too. OH! I've had my wedding gown turned into a baptismal gown for Mariela. She will be baptized on the 13th of May with her cousin John by a deacon of our church in a private ceremony and it will be such a nice thing for our families. I can't wait to see her in the gown and have it for a family keepsake. Matty will be receiving his First Holy Communion on the 30th, please pray for him and his classmates!