Saturday, May 31, 2014

Laurencia's Victory

I am reviving the blog in order to spread the word about our new adventure. We have been planning this for months and working hard on doing the exactly right thing for the memory of my little niece, Laurencia. We are trying so hard to let God lead this whole thing. I'm sure that our egos will get in the way and maybe we will stumble sometimes, but we have to always remind ourselves that we are doing this for a MUCH greater good than any kind of honor we can get for ourselves. We have to remember that this is all for a GREAT CAUSE. We wish we didn't have to even THINK of orphans being neglected or abandoned in scummy and run down institutions. We wish we could go about our normal lives and just do the laundry and the dishes, go to work and have a little fun on the weekends, but once you see the videos or pictures and hear the stories of these children, you can't ever go back to "normal life" again. 

To make a very long, lifetime story short: we have formed a non-profit called "Laurencia's Victory". We would like to do many events and ongoing fundraising to help orphans in need and adoptive families. Please check out the website and consider a donation or participation in our events.