Thursday, February 28, 2008

Birthday Number 2

I will post soon about Thomas but I have to post about Mari (belatedly).

We celebrated Mari's Birthday on the night I got home from the hospital with Thomas. It's so weird to think that exactly 2 years ago I was in the hospital with Mari! Her's was a MUCH less difficult birth, but both resulted in cute, slightly yellow, overbite stricken kids (two Simpsons in a row?). I keep calling Thomas "Mari". In the middle of the night especially! It's only been about 7 months since I nursed Mari, so I guess that's not very surprising. I am so tired, I can't do her birthday justice. Suffice it to say, she is VERY happy with her dollies and accessories she got from Auntie Nina and Grandma. We will have the family over this weekend sometime to do the birthdays up properly and introduce Thomas to the rest of the cousins. Here are some pictures from Tuesday night:

Tonight I'll post a special one for Butch, who's birthday is today!