Wednesday, July 29, 2015

Just Paint The Entry And Play Room. No Big Deal...Right?

I still have a giant list of things to do, including: purchase some more storage cubes and boxes, art (Mari is going to help me with that), scrub the floor, refinish the top of little table (nail polish), finish painting the entryway, etc. BUT, I worked until 3 am to sort the disaster we've been living in for the past two months.

The kid will not miss the apx 4 bags of toys and 3 bags of trash I sorted out of everything! It's not a true "after" but a "next", since I have to decorate and put up curtains, finish touching up walls all over the house, get carpets cleaned, and do some other repairs before I can feel like it's finished. (Oh, let me have my delusion that it will get finished!)

I bought a $20 rug from Walmart, wall and spray paint, and repurposed a bunch of stuff from around the house so this was a very time consuming but CHEAP project.

 It is not easy to clean/redecorate/organize with 6+ kids and only about 2 hours to work on it per day, plus keep up with things like laundry and feeding said kids.

Here is a video of the "before". I just took it on Monday. It was getting wildly out of control and I couldn't clean around it anymore. Because the playroom was being painted, all of their toys, stuffies, dolls, and play clothes were getting mixed in with each other and regular clothes. I should have sorted and STORED everything until the painting was done...lesson learned.


Here is the video of what I managed to get done, after Lili finally settled at around midnight last night:


I'm beat, but it's a beautiful day and I need to get these kids out of the house (which will help keep it clean! Bonus!). Butch told me I should leave all by myself this afternoon, when he gets home from work. That's probably a good idea!