Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Yuck December

I nearly had a root canal this morning and the dentist told me that the nerve will zap me for 24 hours but if it's more than that and really bothering me (I believe she said something like "pain that brings you to your knees"), then I get to go back for a root canal and crown. Yay.

There's a huge storm coming and might cut off our Christmas fun family time.

I have zero money to pay any bills that might come my way in the next few days.

Butch's side of the bed deflated last night and I can't figure out what's wrong with it (BTW, "lifetime warranty" on the Sleepnumber bed does NOT actually mean lifetime warranty).

BUT, we have our health, for now...we have each other, even if it might be only on the phone this weekend, and we have our Lord, whom we may not get to visit in the Eucharist if the roads don't let us.

So, what have I got to complain about?

I'm just tired from staying up way too late wrapping presents (hurts my back enough to make me cry)and getting up way too early to get to the very last dental appt that was available... so ignore this whole, whiny post.