Sunday, December 06, 2009

Gender in December

I have a dilemma. It's probably a really stupid one but I'll throw it out there for ya, anyway. When I first found out I was pregnant, it was a week after the two little girls told me that they were "praying for a baby girl". I was floored that they would want another sister already, since Tommy was barely one and a half years old?! So, after trying to convince them to shift their prayers to some infertile couples that we knew (and having them say that they would pray for THEM too, but that they were still going to pray that we got a baby girl!), their prayers came true.

I didn't want to know the sex of my first baby, but I did hope for a girl and got what I wanted. I knew with all the others, for different reasons. I have every other sex, so this next one should be a girl...but you know about God's funny little jokes on me and how He likes to mess with me all of the time? I am very tempted to NOT find out the sex (at my appt. this Wed.), since it doesn't matter at ALL (never did!) what the sex of the baby is...on the OTHER hand...

I have tried to prepare the girls for the possibility that this baby is defying the odds of this family and it will be a BOY.

Me: Mari, you know, this baby might actually be a BOY?

Mari: But what if it's a girl?

Me: But what if it's a BOY?

Mari: But what if it's a girl?

You can see where this line of questioning goes...EVERY TIME and you can see, also, part of my problem. Analise is a little more practical, but I can see that she REALLY BELIEVES that her prayers will be answered and that it can really be nothing but a girl!

I know, I know, you are thinking "Oh, they will love the baby no matter what!". Yeah, that's true of course, but I wonder (especially about Mari)

(conversation happening RIGHT NOW)

Trina: Mari, will you still love the baby in mommy's tummy if it's a boy?

Mari: (thinking...) Yeah.

Bocker: (piping in) But it's gotta sleep in MY room, so it's a BOY

Mari (shrieking) NO! It's sleeping in MY room, so it's a GIRL!


Now they are running up to their rooms to plan who has the most room in their rooms and discuss further what the baby might be according to who has the most appropriate sleeping space.

I think I'll find out on Wednesday. (Hahahahaha, probably something will be "in the way" and I won't be able to find out?! That would be JUST LIKE God to do to me! He is so funny!).

What do YOU think?