Thursday, December 31, 2009

The End

...of a lot of things this year. It seems time to say goodbye to a friend. It's the "end" of his life here on earth, but the beginning of his eternal rest. Please pray for him and his family.

Butch didn't have any major endings, but he didn't have any major illnesses or injuries this year!
The end of my marathon endeavors. I won't be running another marathon. Maybe I'll run another half this year, but I'm pretty sure the marathon training and run wrecked me for the Olympics, anytime soon.

It's the end of the never-ending weird weather year. We barely had a summer. I hope the winter will be mild and short and we have a refreshing, decent MN summer.

This year marked the end of a marriage in our family. It shook us to our core and seriously damaged our ability to trust. We have become much stronger through this, don't worry, but please pray for the family as we try to figure out the new "normal" and if you don't mind, pray that my brother finds a good job to support his family.

This year was the end of our 8 member family! We're working on number 9 and everything is going very well in that regard. She'll be making her appearance around April 18th.

This year has also seen the end of a two-driver-only family. Katrina got her driver's permit now and all we need are some clear roads for her to practice on, so she can get her license in the fall of 2010!

We all worked on playing guitar since last Christmas and we've all gained a TON of knowledge and ability (YAY for youtube!). For a very minimal cost, we've been able to get guitars for everyone and free lessons to each other and from the internet. I highly recommend this method of music education. When you are learning something that you love and that can be picked up relatively easily, take advantage of it! We can't afford expensive lessons for all the kids, so this was a great adventure that can last for years!

Matty became an official altar boy this year, that's something new. He RELUCTANTLY did the training and has helped for exactly ONE Mass (one more this weekend then for Anna's wedding next weekend), but it's a start and helps him to better understand the Mass and become more "church community" involved. It really helps that we seem to get totally cool priests that kid around with the kids but are completely reverent and orthodox for Masses.

It was the end of waiting for Weazy to receive our Lord in the Eucharist! She had her FHC this spring and it was a wonderful event for her. She really couldn't wait (even though I tend to want to wait until I think they're ready...she really was ready!) and got to receive with her cousins and the parish school kids.

It was the end of total homeschooling for this family. I tried Kindergarten for Bocker this year and he LOVES it. It's been getting hard to wake him up so early for the bus, but I think I'll be driving him a lot this winter, and I don't mind. It's all kindergarten at his school (public) so I like the idea of him learning the early skills from someone other than me for just a couple hours a day. Hey, it's free, right? I'll bring him back home next year, as I don't really think he'd do well at the bottom of the "pecking order" in the grade school and I think he has learned the patience to sit and do lessons now at home. I really like the primary school, though, so I'll be sending the other kids there when they are ready for Kindergarten too. Hopefully they'll all get the same teacher. I like her style.

It was the end of Mariela drawing stick persons with giant heads and spiky hair. That girl draws me at least 30 pictures a day with massive scenery and details you can not believe. I have to get my scanner fixed so I can put some of her amazing art on the art blog.

No major endings for Tommy. He's just working on all the new things like being a super football fan of the universe! He is hilarious in his knowledge of the game and excitement for it. He plunks his little body down in the crook of Matty's arm or Daddy's and watches and cheers like an old pro fan. I can't believe he'll only turn TWO this February! It seems like he's been around forever.

We ended our first year babysitting the two neighbor girls. We've had a few bumps with separation anxiety here and there, but we've really enjoyed the extra company and watching them grow along with our little ones. I think Tommy is in love with the 1 year old. He can't keep his hands or lips off of her when she comes in the morning. He loves ALL babies, of course, but, I think because she only comes a few times a week with weekend breaks, that he appreciates her more when he sees her after a long separation. It will be interesting to see how he acts with the new girl in the house! I don't know if any other girl could ever replace his "ee-yah" (what he calls the neighbor girl). I can see the future where our lives separate maybe for years and they meet again in college and realize they've loved each other all along...heehee, that would make a cute story!

Well, I'm starting to think of more and more BEGINNINGS and less endings, so I'll stop now and continue the stories in the NEW YEAR...maybe even tomorrow! Hopefully, it will be a happier, less stressful year. I don't THINK it will be, but I do hope it will be. That's all we can do, right?

Happy New Year, everyone!