Thursday, December 24, 2009

Snowy December

(Huh? I THOUGHT I posted on Christmas eve! Here is the post I had in my edit draft pile but never got a chance to hit the "publish" button, for some reason. Better late, than never!)

We're not stuck, but it's looking very White Christmas-y around here! Butch and the neighbor have been puzzling over the non-starting go. So, it's a group thing and we're all attacking the piles of snow together. We had Butch's family over this morning for a very successful brunch. Now, I have to put together some stuff for the Dehmer party (my family) over at Trine's.

I'm sending Analise with Butch and whoever else wants to go to the children's Mass (Weazy is in the choir) and then we're off to try and get up Trine's driveway. I'm in the choir for midnight Mass, so we'll (hopefully) be able to make it back to town!

Joyful Christmas Eve, everyone!

(p.s. I know Enya is a little freaky/new-agey but this rendition is beautiful!)