Saturday, December 26, 2009


From the Talley's caringbridge for today:

Good morning,

Michael had a rough evening and night. The pain now has moved into the back of the neck radiating to the top of his head. This morning he was hitting his pillow due to the tremendous headache. We recieved orders to increase his pain
pump yesterday afternoon but the pain continues. I also have been giving him oral pain meds on the hour. Michael has been sleeping since yesterday at 10:00am. This is the only way for his body to deal with his discomfort. I have just called the nurse again.

I just spoke to the nurse regarding his pain and she said the doctor wants to transport Mike to the hospital by stretcher tomorrow morning. They would like to start him on a new IV medication that works well with his current one. He will most likely become even more sedated. If this medication controls the pain better without any other complications he may come home in three days. If he becomes worse he will remain in the hospital for his remaining days left here with us. The doctor feels this is our only shot to get better control otherwise he will be continuously trying to play catch up with his pain.
I knew he was hanging on to see Christmas with us, I was hoping he wouldn't be in so much pain.
We all received wonderful presents from him. The kids and I each got a teddy bear made out of Michael's shirts. The kids say daddy on the arm and mine said, Mike. Last night they all slept with their teddy's that smell like daddy.
Then he turned to me and said what do I give to my wife? Knowing this is the last present I give her. He handed me a necklace with a Gold heart pendent that opens for our pictures to be placed into. On the back he engraved " I will always be with you! Love Michael. The tears rolled down my checks. I can't believe with everything he has been enduring he wanted to give me one last gift. I will always treasure and wear that necklace for the rest of my life. Thank you, Honey! Last night I just layed on the bed next to him and held him tightly. I just kept asking Jesus to come and relieve his pain. I told him I will love him for eternity and I will not say goodbye. Our love has no end! Michael kept saying, it's time for me to go home. We looked at eachother then and told eachother how much we hate whats happening. That we will miss being together.

God Bless!
Love Nicole & Michael