Friday, December 18, 2009

December Dentistry

Analise lost a tooth (Thankfully! It had a cavity! She has one other tooth that has a cavity and IT is loose, as well...I told her to work on it!) this month. Niklaus had a SUPER loose tooth in front and the adult tooth was coming in behind it, like a shark. I finally convinced him to yank the sucker.

I have a special method where I tell them, "Okay, I'll just tie this dental floss around it. If it doesn't come out right away, I'll just take the string off and we'll try again later." Then I yank it so fast, they don't have time to even realize that I pulled it.

My little neighbor girl came over the other day (I've already yanked two of her baby teeth and one of her sister's.) She asked me if I thought her tooth was "ready". I told her that it wasn't quite ready, but to come back in a couple of days. Today she came over and asked me, again if I thought it was ready to be pulled. It's her front, top tooth so, in my humble (semi-professional tooth puller) opinion, I told her that I could try to pull it, but that it might hurt too much and that she should come back in a couple of days.

I have a chipped tooth where I had an old filling but they won't be able to fix it until after Christmas and it's starting to HURT! All those Christmas cookies and chocolate! All that savory good Christmas food! All those yummy drinks and Bob's Candy Canes! Oh well, I'll just have to depend on New Year for the good stuff.

I think I should get a present from the tooth fairy for Christmas this year. I give her tons of business!