Saturday, December 26, 2009

December Spam

Man! I have been getting some WEIRD spam lately! I even got some Cyrillic spam. That was very strange.

I woke up at 3 am because Trina had Mari overnight in her room and needed me to come and get her. Trina had been throwing up. I think it might have been some questionable meatballs. I don't eat meatballs anymore (unless I make them, myself) since the whole "went into labor with Niklaus" incident of 2003.

I also had another crazy dream.

I flew to England (Boy! Were my arms TIRED! ba dum, ching) and met my sweet friend, Antonia! I was there with my mom and I think Trina was there with me. We were in her kitchen, doing some cooking and I was trying to figure out why her butter (which I was cutting, for some reason) was making noise. She laughed and asked why we thought it was so strange. I figured out that all butter in England had internal graters and I just couldn't figure out how to shut it off. Why I'd want grated butter, I'll never know.

Her husband walked in with their son, Joey and a friend. I couldn't believe that Joey was almost as tall as me (10 years old?) and I said "It's just WRONG that he's almost bigger than me!". I resisted the urge to talk to him like he was a baby or to grab him and hug him. He looked mildly amused by me but then went to go hang out with his friend, like most 10 year olds would. I was just happy to be there, visiting with Antonia. We sat and chatted about how long we'd known each other. I said, "I'm pretty sure it was 1999 when we first 'met' on the blogs." but that didn't make any sense at all, since I've only been blogging since about 2005! I did remember that it was shortly after they got married that we became friends. I was very surprised to find myself there, in her actual kitchen and country and didn't remember getting there. It was a pleasant, wonderful feeling to have a "free" visit (even if I sort of knew it was a dream) and we just enjoyed the time.

(Do do do, do do do, do do do...wavy lines...back to the real world!)
I think I had that dream because I was telling someone about Antonia and how she got to meet the Pope while she was in her wedding dress. Also, the Holy Father got knocked down at midnight Mass and I automatically think of Antonia when I think of him..."Joey" is Joseph Benedict (isn't that just cute?). So, "Hi!", Antonia! It was nice to visit you in my dreams! Keep blogging about that cutie pie son of yours and your life in England so I don't feel so bad about the fact that I'll probably never get to pinch his little cheeks (at least while he's still a baby..he'd probably think that is weird when he's 18 or so). I hope you have lots more babies so I have a chance at some babycheeks sometime in the future! I'm glad to have "met" you online and value your friendship (obviously, since I actually DREAM of meeting you in person!), opinions, and advice! I hope you had a wonderful Christmas!

P.S. Antonia is the one who inspired me to write a post-a-day in December. I only officially missed about 2 days (minus Christmas eve and Christmas day...we were busy with family, and tiredness, digging out of snow, untying twisties, and installing batteries in know how it goes!).