Sunday, December 13, 2009

Busted in December

Okay, so I missed ONE day. Big whoop.

Actually, we were very busy yesterday. In the morning, I went to the benefit breakfast for the Talleys. Their neighbors organized it (Applebee's facilitated the event) and the kids served the breakfast. A bunch of people donated some REALLY cool prizes (one I was hoping to win was the American Girl Doll. It was "Rebecca", the one Weazy was hoping to get for Christmas). I did not win, but it was really nice to be a part of something like that.

THEN, I had to do a whole bunch of last minute shopping for Anna's bachelorette party. It was so great the way it worked out. Butch and the other bro-in-laws went out to shoot in Menomonie (Anna's Matt's brother, Chris couldn't join them because he was called away for an emergency with their son, Mason...say a little prayer that they can figure the fever thing out!), but they had a very great time. They went to shoot clay pigeons at Matt's parent's farm, back to Menomonie for tavern fun, back to Matt's house for...I don't know...drinkin' dude stuff, I suppose. Butch reported that they had a great time.

Us girls (about 17 or so) went to Rachie's house (so nice of her to host it!) and made some DEEELICIOUS treats, chatted like girls do, and opened presents. Then, at 9pm, the LIMO came. We planned on heading to the cities to do some Christmas lights touring and visit a club or two...then Anna decided we should head back to our home town for some hick bar hopping. It was so so so fun to see Anna really enjoy herself and cut loose! We ended up at a bar where a local band was playing and I was so amused by how skeezy guys are these days...I suppose they were always like that, but my whole adult life, I've only been with Butch at the bars, so the skeezers would leave me alone. Not that they were "hitting" on me, mind you. Really, it's hard to be sexy and funky when you're 5 months pregnant with your 7th child and the only one NOT drinking! Anyway, the guys were super funny to watch. Some of the other groups we ran into were really funny too. There was this one girl who had a birthday party and they were wearing old bridesmaids dresses...not sure how the theme followed through...also there was a "purple party" for another birthday girl. That was was actually kind of cute. The guys in the party were all wearing festive necklaces along with the girls. Okay, it was kind of lame, but it was SOMETHING. All in all, it was a very successful party day. Here, at home, Trina entertained my three youngest and my sister's four until we got home at almost 2ish am. I was crashed.

I missed Mass this morning (which was a good thing, I heard since they let a nun talk for over 20 minutes!) so I am going to 6pm Mass. It's good to have that option as I was in no condition to sit at Mass this morning. I hadn't had a drink (unless you count sparkling apple cider?) but I felt like I had the WORST hangover. Now, I have this theory that the reason you feel so crappy the day after going out has less to do with the alcohol than the pounding music and the strain of having to talk over it, staying up later than you are used to, and having to contort your body into unusual shapes just to make your way in and out of crowded bars...oh wait, that's probably just me. I must have said, "Oh! Excuse me!" a thousand times last night because of my belly bumping into people.