Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Movie and a Question

Thanks for the suggestions.

Secondhand Lions (own it)
Count of Monte Cristo (make me melt, Jim)
Life is Beautiful (which should ONLY be viewed in Italian with English subtitles!)

I still haven't seen Return to Me but I'm looking forward to seeing what that's all about.

I reviewed Bella here (not worth all the hype Regnum Christi tried to gen up and it was a pretty lame that they produced the movie and went around trying to get their members to buy out the theaters all over the place. It was just a little embarrassing, in my opinion. If a movie is good, people will see it!)

Okay, just for fun...
What's the absolute WORST movie of all time that you've seen IN THE THEATER?
Sarah Landon and the Paranormal Hour

I just giggle even thinking about it! You almost have to see it to believe how bad it is and to wonder what kind of incentive the producers had to produce to get that stinker on the big screen. Oghuh, I am practically gagging at the thought of a sequel (it was supposed to be "the first in a series" HAHAHAHAAAAA! I laughed so hard I think I peed a little in my granny panties when I read that!).

That would be so bad it might be good.

(oh, and thanks, "Feature Films for Families" for setting the bar so high in the area of "quality wholesome films for families" heeheehee, if you've been shnookered by those folks, you KNOW what I'm talking about!)

Facing the Giants (I saw on DVD but it WAS in theaters) is a close second!