Saturday, November 10, 2007

By The Grace Of God

...I was able to save this baby." He says. Like Amy wrote...get past the music video and promo and listen to the last few minutes.
It's amazing what one, little word or moment of kindness can do for all of mankind.

"...our dreams can be our worst enemies if our dreams are not aligned with God's will!" -Eduardo Verastegui

We saw Bella tonight. It was very good and I loved the message. A few criticisms I would have are that I didn't like all the shaky camera/extreme closeup action. The whole movie had sort of a strange flow that I would have liked to be a little smoother. I wish they would have stepped away a bit. I did love the interplay between the actors. They seemed like a real family. I believe they said a lot without a ton of dialogue and I loved the "Spanglish" in the whole film. I am happy that I didn't read anyone's review before I went to see it because I'm sure it would have ruined it for me. I'm really happy that it wasn't really a romantic story so much as it was about true love. That's all I'm going to say about it!