Friday, August 01, 2008

Still Crazy After All These Years

Yesterday Butch and I celebrated 15 years of wedded bliss...or, as I told him on the phone, "more like, 11 or so great years and the rest not as great" heh!

Yes, we had to "celebrate" our anniversary on different sides of Minnesota. He was working in Duluth and I was on a mini-vacation with the kids near Nisswa. I didn't even remember it was our anniversary until I was "On a Bus to St. Cloud, Minnesota" that's the truth! Just outside of St. Cloud, after talking to him and saying our "goodnight"s, I had to call him back around 9pm and wake him up because my mom called me and asked if we were home yet and joked that we "sure had some kind of anniversary, huh?".


Hopefully we'll be able to go out tonight (when he gets home from Duluth) or maybe we'll just get the movie "Return to Me" and have some alone time after the kids go to bed.

I've already said on this blog all of the nice things about my husband but I guess it doesn't hurt to say a few more...

I love him more and more every year. He is more attractive to me than any other guy out there (yeah, I gots me the 'love blinders' but bad!). He is the finest father I could ever hope for for these children of ours. I really don't know what I did to deserve him. He is immensely patient with my womanly worries and neurotic tendencies. He really understands me and is my bestist best friend (with benefits heehee).
He works at places like this:

to keep us fed and clothed and housed in the manner to which we have become accustomed (man, I've always wanted to use that phrase!).

Umm hmmm, he took that picture from the top of one of his jobs just last week.
He has been working in places like that for 12+ years.
He told me a long time ago that he's still afraid of heights.

THAT'S how much he loves us.

That's how much he loves ME.

I couldn't ask for more, nor would I want to!

P.S. Please pray for Butch right now for a special intention, thank you!