Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Just Because I Can

The Complicated Woman's Nightbook

FOR TODAY (or sometime yesterday...whenever I get around to posting it)
Outside my broken front a messy porch that needs more plants and a coat of paint.

I am cogitating..."When am I going to find time to paint?"

I am grateful for...the fact that I mostly live INSIDE the house and can't see how junky it looks from outside.

From the place we make food...blueberry toaster waffles for supper (Butch was out of town. Breakfast for supper, my favorite!)

I am stripping jogging shorts that I didn't really get to jog in today because Thomas is a stinker that cries when anybody else who isn't lactating holds him.

I am making...plans to paint.

I am leaving...this weekend for a much needed time out in Wisconsin with my sistahs.

I am perusing...blogs, a John Grisham novel, a saint book, the church bulletin.

I am desiring...nobody ever reads this post.

I am audibly assessing...the sounds of teeth grinders, talk in their sleepers, fans, the hum of the puter.

Around the mansion...we have fruit flies.

One of best things about tomorrow...the garbage man cometh.

What adventures do the next few days hold... playing with the kids, running, cleaning, going to WI on Friday yippeeeeeeeee!

Here is picture that I don't mind you seeing...

(totally funky, huh? I think Trina took this picture after or before one of the storms we always seem to have this summer)