Monday, July 28, 2008

Didjouknow I Watched Juno?

Short review? Hated it.

Long review? Fine! Here goes:
I purposely waited a while to watch it because I didn't want to be influenced by the hype. I also knew I wouldn't be able to watch it around the kids and I figured Butch wouldn't really like what looked to me a little too "chick flickish" for his taste and I don't get very much time to watch movies all by myself these days.

As I watched the beginning, I was looking at it from the stance of "could I possibly let Trina (almost 14) watch it if I edited just the beginning part?"

Uh, NO!

I know that some very good, Catholic blog writers have reviewed this movie positively so I really was set to enjoy it but was VERY let down. In my mind, this was a very depressing movie. It showed the base of every character almost to a person. It caricatured the ONE pro-life influence in the main character's life to the point of absurd stupidity. I thought that the filmmaker worked so hard to make the characters sound so witty and smart that they forgot that really, not EVERYONE is so witty and smart. The characters were very unlovable in my opinion. The main character seemed to have dead eyes like most seemingly soul-less teens these days (I know that not all teens are like that, but it sure seems like there are a lot of them around and I'd rather not they be glorified on film) I just couldn't really relate to anyone except maybe Jennifer Garner's character but even her, at the end was cynical and wooden (until she held the baby then of course she acted as most mother's would).

I have to say that the only thing in this movie that was really likable was the very end where the two fornicators sing a ditty to each other. It was a catchy tune.

Okay, I know that's harsh but this movie made me really not like people. I didn't see it as a pro-life movie at all. It made life seem like something that is created on a whim and judged at every turn as crude or cool depending on how the main character wanted us to think about it.

I thought that most of the lines in the movie were LAME instead of profound as many reviewers seemed to think.

I thought that the writer had a real anti-Christian attitude. Every time there was supposed to be a REAL devotion to anything "Jesus", it came off as forced or that the actor must have had a bad taste in their mouth to even say His name. The step-mom was particularly repulsive when she said something about a "gift from the baby Jesus". The dialogue was horrible, who talks like that? The writer is from Chicago and moved to Minnesota (yay us) so she throws all kinds of references in to things in the suburbs here near the twin cities but that comes off as forced as well.

I would rather have watched another "Die Hard" movie than one that tried to be so modern and hip and ended up being more depressing and putrid.

I really do feel sorry for the writer if this movie represents how she feels about the world and the people around her.

I could go into better detail but I'm a little fried from cleaning out drawers and organizing things all over the house. It's a never ending battle. I should have watched somthing to lift my spirits instead.

I'm heading to the Red Box to bring these movies back...

Can anyone recommend a good movie to get this bad taste out of my mouth?