Thursday, July 10, 2008

One Of Us

I just LOVE the fact that people use blogs to advertise! For instance, Rachie and Billy's photographer has a BLOG! She posted a BUNCH of cool pictures of the wedding. Now you can see how beautiful and fun the wedding day was for all of us and I didn't even have to take any pictures! My sis, Katrina took one of all of us sibs that were involved in the wedding (Me, Nick, Trine, Anna) so I'll post that one later. In the big, outside B&W shot of the whole party, I'm third bridesmaid from the left. My mom and dad are the ones on the Schntizelbank picture (don't they look so cute?). The 23rd one down, the one with the guy in the orange shirt, is one of my favorite. Pete (my bro) is the one in the orange shirt. My uncle Tommy (who MY Tommy is named after and who is my dad's brother...Billy's father) is singing like crazy and in between them, is my funny cousin, Randy (he's a devout Catholic, about 25 years old, and SINGLE...girls? girls?) who sprayed Billy's mouth before the big kiss.

Anna and Trina are in the shot right below that one cheering and toasting. My brother, Rudy is behind them as well. The whole family had such a great time. We were all invited and all included in some way or another and my children were all invited and they ALL stayed until the last dance (Butch and baby Tommy went home around 10, they both needed some sleep after the long day of me being gone for pictures and the wedding). Bocker and Matty danced nearly every dance and they love it. I really gotta take them out more! The girls danced almost every dance and twirled so pretty in their dresses (isn't that what dresses are for?).

Rachie and Trina went to school together and were bffs since about 7 or 8th grade and by proxy, Rachie has been my friend that whole time too! Billy is our cousin (same age as my brother Nick). Theirs is a LONG and beautiful story. Sometime I'll tell it (when I don't have a bathroom to paint or a 2 year old who likes to put her feet on the keyboard and needs a nap)!

Enjoy the pictures and please comment about them, I'm sure Rachie and Billy would appreciate it!