Sunday, July 06, 2008

I Heart My Friends

My good pal, Michelle just sent out an email that announced she is having a baby (it will be her 9th, she had one loss that I know of). She now has 3 girls and 4 boys in a row. Maybe this one will even things up? Either way, she's one of the best moms I know and I love her like a sister. Here's the email I sent her and her responses. She's also one of the cleanest joke telling, FUNNIEST people I know!

Hey Michelle!

First, I'd like to offer my sincere congratulations for your new addition.

Thank you!!!!!!!!!!!

Second, I'd like to ask you a few questions in that regard:

Don't you know what causes that?

No, but we sure are having fun trying to figure it out………

Are you going to stop after this one?

The only thing I stop for is stop signs……..

HOW many kids do you want, anyway?

The hosp. we’re currently at is pay 11 OB deliveries and the 12th is FREE, we want to go for it…

You really should be more responsible!

Having a lot of kids makes me responsible because I have to be with so many……….

You must be a saint!

Hmmmmmmm………I will be a saint, when my head is in the Porcelain Bowl and I can do it JOYFULLY……not there yet………..

You must be just crazy.

Well, anyone can be normal, and normal ONLY means one thing, the cycle on your washing machine………..

Kids are WAY too expensive.

They are I couldn’t even put a price on them…………

Are you going for a baseball team?

I married a hunter….so I’d have to say……they’ll be the ‘providers’………….

Are you going to stop if this one's a girl?

No, because then she’ll need a sister.

You know, you can do things to prevent that sort of thing.

Please, see above, we are still having fun figuring it out………

Are you Catholic or something?

Yes, I’m a John Paul II, Humanae Vitae fanatic………..

Heeheeheeheeheehee! Did I cover all of them yet?

No, you forgot, How are you going to pay for all their college? You must have a really big house? Do you do day care? Are these all of yours? We’re you trying? What did Dave say?

I SERIOUSLY, have heard this to me….my two favorites…….that take the cake……no one has topped them yet……….are you ready……

“Man, she must really like to have sex……” (as I was walking away)

“Are these yours……..with the same man?” (I said, I wouldn’t have this many if it weren’t with the same man)

I love you guys! Butch wasn't even phased when I told him about your email. He just kind of got a grin on his face. Thank you for being a good example of Christ's love for us by being open to life (and MORE than open, you are actually bringing life to fruition...LOTS of times!) and showing the world how much of a blessing one more soul can be to a family.

I know that pride is a sin, but I am so proud to call you my friend...if that makes me a sinner?... I guess I better go to confession again!

You are a doll, Laura. I hope we live next to ea. other in Heaven.

Love and prayers always,




P.S. I know that it's against moral law and totally sinful against God, but if you could clone another Kara, that'd be great. Or, another option could be that you could just let US have YOUR Kara since you have so many other children to spare? Think about it and get back to me.

Kara (my last name)? Sounds kind of nice. ONLY if we can have Trina Bina. She is a doll. I love her so much! I really do, she is awesome and very nice and respectful when she’s here. She is so easy to have over.