Sunday, July 13, 2008

Parades In Minnahsohtuh

Today we enjoy the Monticello Riverfest parade. I love a parade!

As usual, the people watching is remarkable.
Especially the dude who sits by me in a "Keep Kids Off Drugs" who is totally stoned and spaced out.

We stand for the color guard and are so proud of any of the military people we see marching or retired ones that are riding.

We marvel at the horses and snicker at the pooper scoopers that follow them (why is poop so dang funny?).

We clap like crazy for the bands and the flag/fake wood rifle girls.

When Al Franken's wife and his posse with Al Franken signs (i.e. those dirty hippies with floppy hats and ugly brown sandals) pass by there are crickets, I swear. It is pretty funny but even funnier is this guy at the end of the posse who tries to get the crowd fired up and yells, "Do you want change, or more of the same?!" and Trina my supercoolsistersays, "MORE OF THE SAME!".

Heh heh heh.

We get more than a little nervous when the fat old guy shriners in the funny hats go by in their go-carts but clap when they pass by after a little formation show in front of us (it's really more of a sigh of relief clap, but it is pretty cool to see them "dancing" in their little cars!).

Don't you think it's a little ironic that the big trailer following them has a huge picture of a shriner holding a crutch in one hand and carrying a small child in the other? I swear they get within inches of the children along the parade route and I really fear that they might run over one if they aren't a little more careful!

We get all hopped up on tootsie rolls and fight over the vanilla ones. CURSES to those blue "frooties" that are really blue raspberry and NOT vanilla tootsies! That's false advertising or something!

We throw candy surreptitiously at the feet of the littlest ones so they think it was thrown at them in the first place and so they get a chance at a candy collection as big as the big kid's ones.

We get all star-struck (well, I do) when my hero in Washington comes by and hugs me so tight during our "can I get a picture with you?" hug, that I think I'm going to lose my breath!

Me and Trine marvel at how tiny and pretty she is and how we wish we could so totally be her when we grow up.

I just can't say enough good things about that woman!
(That picture was from my cell camera. Man, she makes me look like some kind of giant woman!)
I acted like such a dork when I saw that she was there in person. I was practically shaking when she walked away! I thanked her and told her she was my hero.

What a maroon. Could I sound any stupider?

Just for fun, you HAVE to watch a video or listen to some audio of her. She has the MOST cliche' MN accent in the whole state, yah. Me and Trine make fun of it all the time but I suppose if you heard us talking, you might think we sound just like her (if you aren't from MN)!

I love how she remains true to her conservative roots. I've never known her to step back from what she believes and that is so honorable! I hope she represents us for a good, long time.