Wednesday, November 07, 2007

Working on Finding Work

"Deaf people can do anything, except hear."
I. King Jordan
Gallaudet University

I just found out that one of our good friends (who happens to be hard of hearing) has been laid off from his job of 22 years. He worked in a local cabinet shop and was not ever treated very well by the company. Please, pray for him and his family (wife and one 12 year old son).

He has one of the best work ethics I've ever known. He can do almost ANYTHING, and has helped Butch with every project he's ever done around both of our houses (we used to be neighbors in the town over. His mom and dad moved just down the street from us now so he has an excuse to visit often and will lend a hand no matter WHAT). You couldn't find a nicer person with a better attitude and I think it's a shame that his talent is going to waste. His wife taught me ASL and, even though I am FAR from proficient, we communicate very well and I'm so happy that God put us together over the years. We first lived in the same apartment building but didn't really know each other (I knew they were deaf and we waved to each other all the time, but never really moved in the same circles or had time to stop and say 'hello'). One day, when Trina was only a few weeks old, I saw my cousin with her-helping her move out. It turns out that my cousin is married to her husband's brother (they are sis-in-laws) and I finally got to meet her. I was all bummed out when I found out that they were moving, but my cousin told me, "Laura, don't worry, they are moving RIGHT NEXT DOOR TO YOUR PARENTS!". I always laugh when I think of the irony that two, deaf people moved next to my MOM (known for her talking...even worse than ME).

Anyway, the company our friend worked for has been almost borderline abusive of him and has given him only teeny-micro-puny raises, has gotten his attention by throwing things at him, has talked about him while he is in the room in a bad way, and generally never really tried to understand him or has given him credit for the wonderful person he is. I never heard him complain about it too much. Mostly his wife and other people that work there told me these things but it broke my heart to hear that someone like him could have been treated in any way other than with dignity and respect. He never really had the confidence to change jobs as many people are afraid to hire "handicapped" persons and I think he was just happy with what he had and that he could provide for his family with the job. I think he was WAY under-utilized and underpaid because he is so skilled at almost every project he attempts. He is a perfectionist. He is super social and gets along with everyone. I hope he finds a job soon so this won't be too hard of a winter for them. I know there are a lot of people in the construction business suffering right now and he is having a hard time finding anything around here for work.
Please pray for my sister, too. She still hasn't found anything (or heard back from any interviews) after a month of looking.

Thank you for your prayers and suggestions!