Sunday, November 04, 2007


HA HA! You thought I missed blogging today, didntcha? Well, technically, it is still Saturday because of that silly "daylight savings" thingy! I just got off of work (I worked 8pm-12am and even though I know it really is Sunday, it's still Saturday for ME!) and ate some dark chocolate so I am rarin' to go! I just thought of a fun idea...

What if I advertised just to friends and family that I could be a "bus service" for a wedding night with my 15 passenger van? Wouldn't that be fun for the wedding party? I could cart them around and even offer rides home at a certain time at the end of the party (for an extra fee, of course!) I could even wear chauffeur's gear and put some snacks and drinks in the back of the van. I think it would be fun and a neat way to make a little cash on a weekend. What do you think?

Today we had a very productive day but it was also very busy. I had my nieces overnight and we went to Space Aliens for lunch. I looked in the rear view mirror as I was driving everyone (my five plus my two guests) and had a very nice feeling about seeing them all back there, buckled in, being silly and cute. It's good to have all of your children gathered in one spot, all heading to the same destination, and all in a pretty good mood. Isn't it? Plus, it's so cute to have that big van almost filled up (Butch came with us and I took out the first seat so it's only a 12 passenger right now).

It gives me a nice feeling.

Also, I met my sister in law at Great Clips because she had to get little Johnny's hair cut anyway and I ended up using two of her coupons to get Trina and Weazy's hair cut! They look so very cute with their new dos. I'll have to post a picture tomorrow!

It was a pretty good day.