Sunday, November 25, 2007

On The Ledge

This has been a WEIRD Thanksgiving! We didn't get to go to my brother's house because Bocker and Mari were coughing and feverish so we just stayed home and had Thanksgiving dinner here with all of us (we need a bigger table, Mari had to sit in an extra chair off to the side. It's pretty bad when you need a "kid's table" for everyday meals!).

Now, Butch and I are BOTH sick. I sneezed about 2 boxes worth of tissues in the last two days and have a headache and a fever now. BUT, through it all, work HAD to be done so here's what I got done this weekend (in between sneezes)...

1. We changed the girls out of their bunk beds (Trina couldn't even sit up on the bottom bunk!) and cleared 3 TALL KITCHEN GARBAGE BAGS worth of actual garbage out of their room (junk that had worked it's way under and around the big bunk bed). I took off the closet, bi-fold doors because there is no room to open them and now they have a nice, neat, clean, EMPTY room to relax in. I had to sort Analise's clothes too (she gets most of the hand-me-downs from other people and deals from the store I work at).

2. I moved a dresser from the boy's room downstairs to hold the mittens, scarves, hats, etc. in the entryway. THAT project led to me cleaning their room again and re-organizing some of their toys to make more room for them to play a little in their room (only 1 garbage bag worth of garbage from THAT room).

3. I inherited a table/sewing machine from my grandma so I decided to move a couple of bookshelves and make a "sewing space" in my dining room. This project involved sorting books also and much dusting (and cleaning the living room...the toys have been sorted and, along with the doll house, have been moved into the classroom so Mari and Niklaus have easier access to them.

4. Trine got a free playset (big, plastic thing with slide) from the lady she gave her two cats to so she brought it over here and I set it up in the basement. Our neighbor also was getting rid of an old couch and easy chair so Butch made room in the garage for those (it's set up like a living room again! TV, surround sound, insulated and heated!) until either Anna needs them, or we finish the basement.

5. I cleaned the theme (spring/summer) from the ledge above the front door (I climb in through the window that's accessible from the kid's rooms above the porch) and changed it to a Christmas theme.

I am trying to simplify EVERYTHING in this house and get rid of ALL things that are useless or junk to make room for actual people but it's hard for me to stop once I get started. Butch calls this "nesting" but I call it "I can't stand living in FILTH". You know how once you get started on one, teeny, little project, you notice how much other stuff has to be done? Yeah. That's what happened this weekend. Hey, it's not so bad, I got a TON of dusting done and I got my walls painted FINALLY in the living room! I'll do a video tour when everything is all done. I promise I won't open drawers or cabinets to show you how obsessive I can get...I also won't do closeups of the bathroom floors...with all of this organizing this weekend, I sorta skipped the necessary bathroom cleanings. I'll get to it. Someday.