Monday, November 05, 2007

Name That Tune?

She's got such style about the whole thing. I think she might be the next American Idol. She's got the funky hair for it. Although, it's a lot less funky since I just cut off her mullet last week.

You can see it's getting close to bedtime in that video because Bocker gets really wound up and was attacking Katrina while she was filming Mari. He runs all around in his underpants and picks on absolutely everyone until its actually time to go to bed.

Also, take not on how she says, "I want to see". She says it like this, "iwahsee, iwahsee" twice, just like that, every time. She wants to see her picture on the little screen in the back of the camera so soon I barely have time to catch her in her "cheeeeeeeese" poses. At the end of it, I'm trying to get her to say, "I love you" but she thinks I'm counting and keeps saying "two" after I say, "I...". She's VERY advanced! I especially love the way she just ignores Bocker's distractions and keeps on singing her song and riding her horse. She's all set to be a big sister, I can tell already!

She just kept going on and on. I think she might be saying, "Halloween" over and over but it sounded to me like "Purple Rain" which wouldn't make much sense since she's never heard that song (that I know of!). I did watch that movie in the middle of the night one time last week. It was as horrible as the last time I saw it. Prince is SO...well, I'll just let YOU fill in the blank on that deal. I remember it being such a huge thing for Minnesota when he rose to fame. He was/is such a weird duck (very talented guitar player, though) and just an absolute train wreck as an "actor". It was one of the worst movies I think I've ever wasted my time watching.

No...scratch that...Sarah Landon and the Paranormal Hour was the worst movie I've ever gone to a theater to see. I brought Trina for a special mom/daughter night (because it was the only pg playing) and we were the only ones in the whole theater...oh...except for the box elder bugs that were attracted to the warm spot in front of the projector and we saw their shadows crawling across the screen through the whole movie. THAT was the ONLY scary part of this movie, besides the acting. We laughed so hard at the actors attempts to be really dramatic. It was so cheesy, and stupid, and we found out it was supposed to be the "first in a series". Heeheeheehawhawhaw...if there's a "second in the series" it will most likely go STRAIGHT to dvd and not sell ANY copies. The actors were all related to the producers/directors I think, and they looked like they took some weekend acting classes right before filming. They had such robotronic hand gestures and poor delivery, it was worse than a third grade skit. Check the movie out when it comes out on DVD (if you have a free coupon or something), purely for the comedic value!