Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Too Easy (The Contest!)

This morning, as I was writing out the kid's assignments for the week, I told them that they didn't have to do their regular English assignments. I told them that we were going to work on something different.

Me: You are going to do a theme.

Trina: What? Are you SERIOUS?

Matty: YAY!

Matty got out his notebook and started right in (Which is weird because he usually does his work in order and math is first. Plus, he HATES writing.)

Me: Wait just a minute! You are to do an outline today. Refine the outline tomorrow. On Thursday you will write it all out and I'll correct it. On Friday you will write it out, neatly, and read it to Daddy.

Here's what Matty wrote (in about 10 minutes...totally skipping my schedule. I wish I could have scanned his actual handwriting. Trina edited it and they both handed it to me, giggling):

"What I want for Christmas is a Red Rider bb gun with a compass in the stock and this thing which tells time. I think everyone should have a Red Rider bb gun and I also don't think a football is a very good gift."

1. What was the title of this theme?
2. What movie did we watch the night before?
Bonus question (no prize):
3. Why are my kids so weird?