Thursday, November 08, 2007

The Price of Freedom

Analise and I went out for a special mom and daughter night tonight. Unlike me, my girls LOOOOOOVE shopping so we went to the clothing store I work at and got some things for Analise and Mari. After, we went down the mall and into a Dunn Brothers where we had cocoa, and coffee, and a little snack. Weazy chattered the whole time about all kinds of things and it was a nice time for both of us.

She said that she was really thirsty for some water and noticed that they had bottled water on the wall by the cooler.
"Should I go over there and see how much it is?", she said. She's becoming more aware of the price of things since we try to be frugal and she is learning about how much things cost and the value of things.
"Naw, I'll just go up to the counter and get some ice water.", I said. When I came back she asked, "How much was it?". I told her it was free and you should have seen the look of pleasure on her face. "Wow, REALLY? That's so COOL!".

Could you imagine a conversation like this 20 years ago? Who could have imagined that we would see a day where water was a major monthly purchase (or filters for "purified" water)?

Our purchases for the night: $28
Water: Free
Spending alone time with my 7 year old: Priceless

Katrina, Analise, and Mariela with their new haircuts. I think Analise has a piece of Halloween candy in her mouth. Mari's hair is covered by her "'at" but you can see the curl at the bottom if you look close. I thought cutting off the mullet would make it all straight (that's what happened to Trina's when she was little) but it's even more curly now that the infant fuzz has been snipped off. Analise's is a curly swirl but it sure looks cute and is much easier to brush through. I hope they all grow it long again, but this is how they like it for now.