Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Tasty Tuesday

To tell you the truth. When I saw this post , I couldn't think of anything to eat because it's SO DANG HOT today! Anyway, it got me thinking that pretty much anything you throw in your body today could be considered a "recipe" because we don't tend to eat much on hot days like this so here goes:
Mama's Kiddie Cocktail

Make up a pitcher of your favorite flavored sugarless drink (I chose raspberry today, but peach ice tea works really good too)
don't bother with stinky ice cubes, just grab some frozen strawberries and plop them in there and a straw and your kids will think you are some kind of culinary genius or something.
If you REALLY want to impress them, add some selzer (club soda) and there you have it, a refreshing "treat" (don't tell them it's practically sugarless) for a hot summer day.
Ahhhhhhhhh, *burp* I just finished mine now!