Wednesday, June 13, 2007

I Like Albertville In June, How About Youuuuuuu...

Matty had his karate graduation (blue belt) on Friday. Here is some video of the little demonstration that they do. The taller, blond boy in front of Matty and the shorter, blonder boy behind Matty are our neighbors and friends, Brenden and Brady. They do such a good job and really encourage each other in this karate thing. I never thought Matty would do so well and like it so much! He is just not the aggressive type. He's come a long way since he started karate and I'm really proud of his accomplishments.

We had our big, Albertville Friendly City Days parade on Sunday. Trine and I went with all the kids minus the two littlest (Mari and Polly) and they did amazingly well for a THREE HOUR parade! Every year, no matter how nice the preceding days' weather, the parade day will be a scorcher, without fail...and this year did not disappoint! I almost killed the lady sitting in front of us with the umbrella that kept tipping in the wind. Niklaus was really whiny because it was naptime and hot and he didn't quite grasp the whole "you gotta go GET the candy, not wait for it to just COME to you!" thing.

I like Gabby showing her American pride!
The float (didn't they all do such a good job!) is filled and surrounded by mostly people from our homeschool group and I just love them all so much!

My Version of "How About You"
When a girl meets boy,
life can be a joy,
but the note they end on
will depend on little pleasures they will share;
so let us compare.

I like Albertville in June,
how about you?
I like a Gosdin tune,
how about you?
I love a fireside
when a storm is due.
I like potato chips,
moonlight and motor trips,
how about you?

I'm mad about good books,
can't get my fill,
and Matthew Mcconaughey's looks
give me a thrill.

Holding hands at the movie show,
when all the lights are low
may not be new,
but I like it,
how about you?

I like Carlos Mencia's jokes.
BUTCH: To a degree.
LAURA: I love the common folks.
BUTCH: that includes me
LAURA: I like to window shop at the Outlets at Albertville.
BUTCH: I like banana splits, late soup with lots of Ritz, how about you?
LAURA: I love to dream of fame, maybe I'll shine.
BUTCH: I'd love to see your name right beside mine.
LAURA: I can see we're in harmony
BUTCH: Looks like we both agree on what to do
BOTH: And I like it, how about you?
I'm so delighted I've ignited the spark within you.
Let me continue to make it burn.
With you I will be like a Trilby,
so let's not dally.
Come on Svengali, I've lots to learn.
BUTCH: When you're arisin', start exercisin' daily.
LAURA: For example, just a sample?
BUTCH: Bend and touch the floor fifty times or more.
LAURA: Ha! A fine start to be a Bernhardt!
A dictionary's necessary but not for talking,
it's used for walking the Ziegfeld way.
LAURA: Is this OK?
BUTCH: That's the trick, you're catching on quickly.
LAURA: Should I take a bow?
BUTCH: A-ho! Let me show you how!
LAURA: Just like partners on the stage.
BUTCH: If you can use a partner, I'm the right age.