Thursday, June 14, 2007

Girl Scouts: God is Okay, If You Are In To That Sort of Thing...I Guess

I'm sorry, but you don't asterisk GOD*. You worship God, thank God, pray to God, praise God, ask God for forgiveness, talk to God, cry to God, wonder about God, laugh with God. But you do NOT asterisk God. This organization is going down the tubes and fast, with extra greasy, super overpriced cookie cream facilitating the slide downward. I would never allow my girls to be a part of this thing that the girl scouts has become, but this flyer really cemented it for me.
When we (my sis and I) were little, we were in the brownies for a little while and I think I even made it into girl scouts for a year or so until it became so much pressure to just earn badges and money for the troop so the more rich girls could go to horse camp while I just got a lame certificate or something. I liked being with my friends and learning the songs and pledges like: On my honor, I will try, to do my duty, serve God, my country, and mankind, and to live by the Girl Scout law. Perfectly reasonable...almost sounds like a religious "rule" lived by monks and nuns, doesn't it? Their other rules sound nice and Earth friendly but seriously, do they think we are not going to notice the star in that first sentence and pause to wonder what the heck else we need to put in place of the word "God"? Duty, honor, God, law...all can be asterisked away if you feel like it, apparently, in these enlightened times where everyone is just plain okeydokeynomatterwhat and God is a lousy footnote.

Wouldn't it be funny if the girls said the pledge and replaced the word "Jello" or something for "God"? What the heck? Why not? No one can stop them, they have the right to believe whatever the heck they want to believe and you can't stop them. It's all relative and for that matter, why sell cookies or learn any stupid pledges, or sing any stupid songs? They don't have to wear those ugly beanies and uniforms either, do they? They don't really have to do anything anyone tells them because eventually, there are no rules because every body is okeydokeynomatterwhat and we wouldn't want to be non-inclusive, and rigid, and close-minded for goodness sakes...I mean, for jellosakes.

*Don't worry, I'm not asterisking God, just this sentence which I am noting here is a direct quote from my sister at the parade when we passed this accursed thing around. My daughter, Katrina even raised her eyebrows and rolled her eyes at that thing. A TWELVE year old can see that God is God to everyone who believes in God and if you don't, why would you want to be in Girl Scouts anyway?

Please pray for the Girl Scouts organization and their (some chapters) funding of abortion clinics and other things I can't mention because my daughter reads this blog. They need LOTS of prayers!