Friday, June 29, 2007

If You Had ONE Chance... help a person understand that the Catholic faith is NOT a cult and that person was open to reading A book suggested by you...which one would you choose? Please help a friend of mine by praying for her and suggesting a book that you believe may open her mother's heart to her daughter's faith and to better understand where her daughter is coming from. My new, beautiful friend is having a very tough time with her mother and needs the healing that only the Lord can provide. She (my friend) told me tonight that her mother was "ashamed" of her and that our faith was a "cult". I know her mother must be a very good person (because of her daughter's great faith, and how she blessed her mother by becoming a wonderful mother herself!) so she just needs a little "boost" in the department of understanding.

Please pray for my friend's mother for the grace of understanding and wisdom.
Please pray for my friend for perseverance in loving her mother despite the lack of understanding (we could all probably use help in this area!).

*Faith Of Our Fathers was given as a suggestion by another friend, do you have any input about it?

Thank you!