Friday, June 01, 2007

Matthew P. Foot Update

I just got this email from Matthew's mom this morning. I'm sure the family thanks you all for your prayers!:

"Hello, All!
Wanted you to know that Matthew received his prosthesis on
May 24th! (the guy put in extra effort to have it done for Memorial
weekend, as we went away for it) Everything is going really well.
He's been biking, playing ball, and almost running all out....after
having to restrengthen his leg from not having used it for 3 1/2 mos.
So, for 1 week using it, he's doing great! so nice to see him on his
own 2 feet again!

Matthew had gotten REALLY good at getting around on one foot so I'll bet it will be hard to get used to being on two again! He ditched the wheelchair as soon as he could and had a crutch for a while. It was so funny how one day the kids had a "balancing contest" and, of course, Matthew won! It will be so nice to see him get used to his new foot and feeling more "normal". We should continue to pray that the cancer doesn't come back and they don't have too much hassle getting him back and forth to doctor visits. I think it's awful hard on the family (9 other kids at home) to arrange.
I hope he gets so used to the prosthesis that he loses the next balancing contest!