Friday, June 08, 2007

Anna's Alaskan Adventure

I know the REAL stories will be exciting enough, but I couldn't help posting this story from my very best favorite romance author (taken without permission from my combox). I hope she's inspired to write more. She's quite talented!

Installation number 1 of Anna's Alaskan Adventure:

I can picture it all now. She is standing there, a bear ready to pounce, her feet are stuck in the snow. An eagle calls out across the azure sky just as the bear growls and takes a step forward. She shouldn't have taken his salmon...
The wind shifted and on the air there was a hint of bay rum.
Out of the trees jumps Mountain Mike.
"Stay back, Anna," he speaks calmly, his voice deep and rough from lack of conversation.
The bear stares at Anna with hunger and anger, than at Mike.
A long moment passes as Anna reaches forward and grabs a hold of the back of Mike's red flannel shirt.
The woods are silent waiting for the moment that was to come. Mike clicked the bullet into place on his rifle, the sound echoing off the trees and mountains around them.
The bear lifts its paw and then with a huff turns and walks back to the river for another salmon. It wasn’t worth it.
Anna takes a deep breath and lets go of Mike's shirt.
He turned with a smile and pushed back the rim of his John Deere hat. She looked down at the salmon she had dropped and asked his softly, "Are you hungry?"
"Yes, ma'am," he answered. She saw the sunlight glint of the crucifix around his neck and knew her sister would approve right before he took her in his arms and kissed her soundly.