Monday, June 04, 2007

A New Day Dawns

I was reflecting on how good it feels to be alive when you have been stuck in the house for ages with sick kids and you finally leave the house with well ones! I even left a CLEAN house and came home to a CLEAN house. No more vomit. No more sick kids. No more worry. Not everyone is so lucky as I am. There are so many moms out there right now with VERY ill children. I can't imagine, nor do I want to, what it must be like to face every day knowing my child will suffer every minute of that day.

I am very blessed.

I'm sure those moms feel just as blessed as I do, just differently.

Okay, enough reflecting for a while, I'm getting all verklempt.
My sister, Anna, is leaving in a couple of days for Alaska. She will be working at a bed and breakfasty/resortish type place for the summer and we sure will miss her. Please pray that she is safe, and finds her way back home to us in one piece (no missing chunks due to bear attacks or anything), and finds a great job that she will love when she gets back. Oh yeah, if you have a little extra time, maybe you could pray that she's swept off her feet by the perfect man who will love her dearly, and appreciate, and respect her as much as she deserves!
Thanks fer doing that.
You are so good to me.