Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Analise's First Communion

It was a rainy, drab day but it was a beautiful, spirit-filled day!

I have to say that I am very glad that we were allowed to have her First Communion celebration with the parish school kids. I had done Trina's and Matty's with the RE kids and there was a MARKED difference in the demeanor of the kids and the organization of the adults. Everything ran VERY smoothly (considering there were probably more than 50 kids receiving!).

This will be Fr. Michael's last First Communion group in our parish so it was nice that one more of my kids could celebrate with him. He announced last Sunday that he'd be leaving to teach at the seminary (St. John Vianney) this summer. I hope we get another great priest in his place.

The funniest thing that happened was this:
As the other kids in front of us were in line, Analise had a clear shot of the people receiving the Precious Blood so I pointed it out that she could really see how it's done this way. She was practically bouncing out of the pew, she was SO excited! She asked me, "Mom, will I be AHEAD of you?". I told her that yes, we would both be behind her in line and she would get to go first.
When it came time for us to stand (it was just me and Butch in the pew with her...the other kids were by the uncles, aunts, and Grandma and Grandpa)she stood up, grabbed Butch by the middle and SHOVED her way past him in a very rude, hurried manner. He raised his eyebrows and looked at me funny but let her pass him. When we got back to the pew, he muttered under his breath about how she shoved past him like that and I told him how I had told her she could be in front of us and that she must have took it to mean that she HAD to be in front of us and GOD FORBID we stand before her and her Jesus!

I should have gotten that on video. It would have been GOLD!

She received on the tongue and went back to the pew with her face all aglow. I was a little shocked at the fact that I almost started to cry. Seeing her so happy and innocent like that reminded me of how I should ALWAYS be when receiving Our Lord that way!

It was drizzling all day so we had to stay indoors with all those kids but we sure had a lovely afternoon anyway. I was glad to have everyone over because we missed them so bad on Easter when everyone was sick here.

We started challenging everyone to the conveyor belt on Wii Outdoor Challenge and Trine beat Trinabina's old record of 1 minute, 17 seconds. We'll have to work on that one because bragging rights rule in this family and we can't just let that one go down without a good fight.

Later, after everyone had gone except Anna and her FIANCE (!), Matt...me and Ann went for a 6 mile run in the pouring rain. It was a GREAT run. Especially since I had missed so many days of running because of my dang swine flu episode. I'm just now today feeling like a normal person again.

When Matt and Anna left, the kids all made the sound "Awwwww!". They were so sad to see Matt go. He is their new, favorite person.

I honestly can't really remember what it was like around here without him. That's how well he fits in in this family. I caught myself referring to him as "Uncle Matt" to the kids. Even though we already have one, good "Uncle Matt" around here, one more will be very welcome. We'll just have to think of some creative kind of nickname for him. I'm sure the kids will think of something. He made them all laugh so hard, they are STILL laughing at some of the things that went on here when Anna and I left for our run. Goofballs. All of them.

Trina got some good pics too here.