Monday, May 04, 2009

It's Fate

...if you believe in that sort of thing. Which as a Catholic, of course...I do not. But it is.

I was nominated (wonder by whom?) for the Bat Shit Crazy category in the Crescat's Blog Awards. I personally would like to thank the Crescat for much humorous inspiration over these five years of blogging.

I am both horrified, honored, and, I am not humbled. It takes more than that to humble a vain, important, totally awesomely cool person like myself.

Just ask Regina who helped me with my template (which I had thought of last week, BEFORE I knew about the award!) JUST IN TIME for the illustrious award contest!

Or even you could ask my daughter who took that pretty picture up there on the header.

You should for SURE ask Paula (the red, she's got a private blog) because no one knows more than her. Also, she's the one who's great idea it was to commune with ACTUAL BATS in the caves that one day.
How serendipitous was THAT?

You COULD ask photobucket because that's where I went to edit the wrinkles out of that header picture before I had Regina put it up there.

I am also feeling pretty, dang good that I keep such lovely company. A lot of the nominees are listed over thar on my sidebar.

So, go vote for some of them peeps and be sure to vote for yours truly because, deep places you don't like to think about in normal, everyday KNOW I deserve to win that award.