Sunday, April 12, 2009

Happy Easter?

Everyone is down for the count. We have a version of the flu from hell. Mari and Bocker were the worst victims last night and everyone else has been flirting with it, on and off, since three days ago. Matty can barely talk. Weazy had a headache and fever and threw up yesterday. Trina spent pretty much all of Thursday in bed. Mari had "cweatuahs" in her "fwoat" (creatures in her throat) for the past three days and today (right now as I type!) she is burning up with fever. Tommy's regular boogers are now a pretty, Easter egg green.

I have a congested chest and a tired brain. I was up pretty much all of last night with varying stages of sick children who just didn't want to be sick anymore. It's been a very long time since we've ALL gotten sick at the same time!

We were supposed to have Easter celebrations here at our house. So much for that. Trine is having it at her house by default (thank goodness at least it won't be ruined for EVERYONE) and the only good thing I've got going for me is that my house is clean (except for the puke on the bed upstairs that I haven't gotten to yet) because we expected everyone to be here today.

Trina and Weazy felt good enough to go over there but the rest of us are here, lamely trying to salvage what should be a day of celebration by taking medicine, sleeping on the couch, doing laundry (eventually), and sweating out the fever and sore throats.

I DID boil some eggs and we are attempting to color them but I'm not getting a very enthusiastic reaction from the "bunnies" around here.

Hope YOU are having a terrific Easter...or at least one slightly better than ours!