Sunday, April 26, 2009

Put Off 'Til Today

We have a very busy day today. Today is Analise's First Holy Communion. I will post pictures later.

Suuuure I will. I still have a monster post of the pictures I took outside the farmhouse. They are so nice, I can't wait to post them. Yes, I can.

I think I have Swine Flu. I have had a runny nose and aching everything for four days. It's slightly better today but it hurts when my eyeballs look sideways.

I am going to try to get Trina over to St. Paul later this afternoon to visit with an author who will be visiting a bookstore there. I would hate for her to miss that.

It's going to be tricky.

I was supposed to go for a long run today but the running has been on hold, due to complications of swine flu, of course.

I haven't run since the 8+ miles on Tuesday, or whatever day that was.