Tuesday, February 17, 2009

An Interesting Perspective on the Housing Crisis

Bocker and I have the most inspired conversations on our bike rides. He noticed the big pile of garbage left by our neighbors who moved out on Monday:

Bocker: HO! THAT'S a HUGE pile of garbage! That's even a bigger pile than WE have!

I love to try to get out alone with him after a run but before supper. The minute we step on the pedals, he comes up with some phrase or suggestion that makes me laugh so hard I can hardly pedal. I try so hard not to show him I'm laughing because I don't want him to stop being funny and start getting self conscious about chattering like he does.

He's ALWAYS been a goofy notice-er. He's always noticed the strangest things that most people don't comment on or don't really even see at all.

His latest notices have been the for sale signs popping up all over the place. It USED to be a novelty to have a for sale sign in the neighborhood. Not so much, anymore. The first one he saw was the neighbor I just mentioned...then, the house next to that...then, the house just a couple doors down from that one. He exclaims about each of these signs like it's some great thing. I see the signs as a sadness. To me, it means one more neighbor we won't get to know, one more neighbor who had to move away, one more neighbor my kids won't grow up with, one more neighbor who can't afford a home. I've been reflecting a LOT lately on what a home really means. I'm too attached to the "things" of this world. It's kind of ironic that the more I try to get rid of "things", the more "things" I need for this family. You can only get rid of so much stuff before life gets REALLY tough. I have to keep my books, puzzles, games, toys, dishes, clothes, food, places to PUT all that stuff, the list goes on...and so does the bickering that there's not enough room for all that stuff!

Anyway, back to the housing crisis. After biking down the street and chattering about all the for sale signs. He starts asking me about moving to a different house (we had talked about it more than a year ago for a little while).

Bocker: Hey Mom? Would you rather MOVE? OR, would you rather stay at our home where there's nice toys and good food???

Well? How would YOU answer that one?