Tuesday, February 03, 2009

3 in 1

Beach Party

I took Weazy, Bocker, and Mari to my friend, Megan's house for a "beach party" on Friday. I finally met Kelly (her sis in law who comments here quite a bit) in person and we had a fun time with the kids. It was a very nice way to beat the cold weather and a good time catching up with friends. The kitty in the pictures wasn't real but it looked SO real! The girls enjoyed the shells that Megan's daughter had strewn about (beach party!), and Bocker enjoyed the juice and hot dog lunch. I enjoyed the "Smog Story" poster that traced the lineage of the can't-be-defined-by-genre, TC city bands of the late eighties/early nineties.

Purse Post For Paula

Here I am on Friday night (after we got home from the party) taking a picture of myself in my lumpy hat. Full disclosure: I applied lipgloss that I had on the counter, before the picture. SO, I did "gussie up" a little but I've posted enough pictures of me with no makeup on my running blog, so I figured a little lipgloss was real enough for this post. I don't carry a purse unless we are in church and I remember that kids need distractions sometimes. I carry a wally world special purse (never pay more than 10 bucks EVER for a purse...FREE is even better)that has diapers, tissue, my wallet, fingernail clippers, my keys (on a curly wrist band thingy so I can slip them on my wrist and they don't get lost), some books, some toy cars, some crayons and a notebook (church distractions), a sippy cup or water bottle, misc. candy, a pen. Most of the time I just carry my wallet in my pocket (the ONLY good thing about winter and having to wear a coat all the time) and all of my misc. items. Here, I have Mari's pony scrunchy that she got tired of wearing, my keys, and I think there might be a coin or two under those. That coat I got a couple of years ago for free from one of Mom's friends that hands down stuff to us all of the time. Come to think of it, I think that wallet I have right now was a Mom hand-me-down too. I like free.

Craft/Game Closet

I am going to be babysitting some neighbor children starting in two weeks so I really want to pare down and get this house in order. The closets are out of control and the craft closet was starting to drive me bonkers. Nothing was organized and things started avalanching on us every time we opened it, so it's the first thing to get gutted. I took some pictures AFTER I started to clean it out and one after it was all cleaned and organized. It started with Weazy asking me if she could make a necklace with me for art class today. She found some old "make your own apron/smock" things I got for free from The Children's Place a long time ago, so she spread the things on the dining room floor and made some for her and Mari...who found the paint box and asked if she could paint "Sure, after I get the closet cleaned out!"...which inspired Trina to make popcorn that the kids were practicing tossing up and in their mouths but ended up all over the dining room floor...which I had to sweep about 10 times today after putting the closet back together...where I found the game "Perfection"...which I had to show Bocker who really wanted to learn how to play...which I did and he abandoned the Lite-Brite that he and the girls had found...which I had to find a new bulb for and get set up for them while cleaning the closet...you see where this is going?

Anyway, after all of that, and reassembling the closet, I was BUSHED! They painted pictures, did lite-brite, made the aprons, played Perfection, Analise even found an entire kit of scrapbooking and made a really cute scrapbook for herself (I'll show pics of that on the art blog later).

Then, at around 8:30pm she whines, "Mooooo-oooom, you said you would help me make a necklace!"


Oh My Gosh.

I can't win.

That scrapbooking page was one of TWO that represent some lame attempt I had at one time to start the lovely hobby of scrapbooking. I discovered blogging and scrapped the scrapbooking. I don't have the time, the energy, the money, the will, the space, or the organization to ever attempt scrabooking again so I am taking a picture of it and then I will probably junk that scrapbook page.

I tried to take a picture of the cute haircut I gave Mari the other day but the camera doesn't do it justice...oh, I ALSO trimmed Weazy's hair this morning.

I didn't have time for a run today. Hmmm, go figure.