Monday, February 09, 2009

For Nancy

I was just chatting with my sister while we were running the other day (big surprise, right?) about people who we graduated with. Facebook has been an...interesting experiment that I'm still not sure I'll continue for very long. At best, it's a great way to stay in contact with people or to re-connect with people you once cared about. At worst, it's an embarrassing thing to have to remove/ignore "friends" you thought would be great to re-connect with...but upon further reflection, you realize that you never really liked them much in the first place and they haven't changed at ALL in 20 years.

Anyway, I saw an old friend from school at the grocery store tonight. She was one of the people we discussed the other day as one of "the good ones"! I love to think about Nancy because she always has a smile on her face. Even when I've seen her in troubled times, she has a happy demeanor and a good spirit.

I chatted at her for so long, I forgot to get the shredded cheese that we needed for our pizza. I was late to plan dinner in the first place but did I just say, "Oh, HEY, Nancy! Hi, how are you? See ya later!"?

NO, duh.

I stood there and yakked her ears off until her beautiful, sweet, patient daughters were chomping at the bit and looking at me as if to say, "WOULD YOU SHUT UP, WOMAN!?". If I would have stayed talking 3 seconds longer, I think that Nancy and her daughters would have looked something like this*:

But, as generous as they are, they let me think that I was interesting to listen to, and they stood there and pretended they were sad that I had to "hurry" away.

Thanks for being a nice person, Nancy.
I am honored to be your friend!

*Mr. Potato Head was wide awake when Trina put him in the basket for a ride around the house, just for fun. Because of the swaying she was doing, and because he was really tired, he just conked out right there in the basket. We moved him to his bed and he didn't even protest!