Tuesday, February 03, 2009

I Utilized The Newfound, Easy Access To My Craft Supplies

...and made something, just for YOU. Because apparently, according to my friends:

OH MAN! I crack myself up. I wonder how you can stand having a friend as funny as me? How do you manage to get through the day without having to change your pants after you read my posts?

Good times.

OH, I think I'll make that picture an official "Fake, Obviously, Made-Up, Blog Award".

The official FOMUBA goes to (in no particular order):

I think I'll stick to six people to receive this distinguished honor. I think this one might just catch on. People all over the blog world will covet the FOMUBA. Go ahead and save the picture, send it to your friends who rock as much as I do, catch the wave of coolness!

"FOMUBA". That's fun to say!